Andi Eigenmann sells her luxurious possessions to live a simple life

Andi Eigenmann sells her luxurious possessions to live a simple life.

People's lives have greatly changed over the course of history. With the help of Science and technology, people are enjoying a much easier and more convenient life. The tasks that people do on a normal day has changed from manual to automatic. A lot of creative inventors have come up with many new tools and gadgets that have aided human in efficiently accomplishing their day to day work and activities. Life has really become more modern at present and it continually develops as time passes by. Soon, the world will become so modern that everything will already be fully automated.

However, the developments that are happening in the world right now is not free. The planet has paid a great price to achieve the modernization that it is enjoying right now. The simple and manual living is no longer in sight as everywhere you look has a mark of technological advancement. Innovators and manufacturers have taken advantage of this in order to earn a living. These highly advanced tools and gadgets that efficiently make the lives of people more convenient are sold at high prices which is why only those who are well-off financially can afford them. The high-tech items have become a luxury to those people who can afford to shed some cash for the sake of living a much easier and more convenient lifestyle.

Andi Eigenmann is one of the most successful celebrities in Philippine showbiz history. She is the daughter of veteran celebrities Mark Gil and Jaclyn Jose. She is famous appearing in the TV series Agua Bendita where she played dual roles of the twins Agua and Bendita. She received more popularity for being one of the Celebrity House Players of the hit reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus. She already has a daughter named Ellie and she claims that the father of her child is Jake Ejercito.

Recently, a news about Andi Eigenmann selling her luxurious possessions made rounds all over the internet. The news became viral as people wondered what was her reason for doing so.

The famous actress sold her most prized possessions for the sole reason of living a simple life. According to her, she is doing this for the sake of her child's welfare.

She sold everything that is considered to be a luxury. She also got rid of every house helper for she deems that having some is also an extravagance. She and Ellie also transferred to Baler, Aurora and they are planning to stay there for good. She said that life there is much more simple and the environments is a lot healthier.

She admitted that the luxuries in her life are what makes it toxic. She even said that her celebrity status even adds up to that toxicity which is what she is trying to avoid now.

The article from KAMI received a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and opinions about Andi's reasonable actions.

A lot of people where amazed when they saw Andi' Eigenmann's life.

The YouTube video of MJ Marfori's interview with Andi that was featured in an article in the website KAMI really surprised a lot of people.

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