Maymay Entrata filmed Angeline Quinto and Eric Santos while having a quarrel

Maymay Entrata filmed Angeline Quinto and Eric Santos while having a quarrel.

The show business industry is really a place that has formed a lot of relationships between people, most especially the celebrities. Through the show business industry, a lot of real-life couples were formed after being paired as a love team. But apart from this, there were also some genuine friendships that were created because of showbiz. Some friendships began when various celebrities worked with each other for some projects. There are even friendships that began in the show business industry and has extended even out of it and into the daily personal lives of the people involved.

Angeline Quinto and Erik Santos are one of the most known friendships in the present day show business industry. Both of them are not only talented in acting, but both are also seasoned singers. Angeline first entered showbiz when she joined the talent search competition "Star Power: Sharon's Search For The Next Female Pop Superstar" back in 2011 where she was hailed as the grand winner. Erik had the same beginnings with Angeline as he entered show business in the same way as Angeline Did. He joined the talent search competition "Star In A Million" back in 2003 where he bagged the grand prize.

The two of them have worked alongside each other in several projects and recordings. The two has also exhibited a good chemistry with each other which their respective fans really loved. This is why in the past, a rumor that the two were romantically involved with each other started to surface. They have been mum about the rumors for quite a long time even if they were oftentimes seen being sweet and relatively close to each other. However, just earlier this year, Erik stated in an interview that the two of them are really just friends and that they are really just very comfortable with each other which is probably why people think that there is romance between them.

Recently, a video that was posted by Maymay Entrata on her social networking account made rounds all over the internet. The video became a trending topic as it featured Angeline and Erik.

Maymay Entrata is also a good friend of Angeline Quinto and Erik Santos. Some days ago, the three decided to have a meal together in a restaurant.

Erik and Angeline are known to be really good friends. They are also known for being sweet to each other both in public and in their TV appearances.

However, in the video that Maymay posted, it seems that the two were having a feud. Maymay even asked if they were okay but Angeline just replied with an irritated tone. Erik only laughed at Angeline's reply which relieved the people as they confirm that there wasn't a big issue between them.

The YouTube video received a lot of feedback from social media users. People had mixed reactions and opinions about what was happening between Erik and Angeline.

A lot of people were entertained with Maymay's story post. They really thought that the two were not okay with each other, however, they were relieved when they saw that the two were just having a petty quarrel.

The story courtesy of Maymay Entrata's post on her social media account was featured by a video posted by the channel TRENDING PINOY on the famous video sharing site YouTube really amused a lot of people.

What can you say about the video? Did you think that the two were really quarreling with each other? Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed the article.

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