Bea Alonzo shares secret of Calamansi’s whitening power

Bea Alonzo shares secret of Calamansi’s whitening power.

Every one of us dreams to have the perfect white skin. In a matter of fact, there's this study that says that most Filipinos are into whitening products and we are the number one users of papaya and glutathione products. For people around the world, they think that most Filipinos are obsessed with having perfect white skin. That is why most of us search on how we can have it. There are some of us who tried multiple products that they can buy on the market to make sure which product suits them best and who have the best result on their skin.

All of us want to have more confidence in ourselves that is why a lot of us choose to have perfect white skin because a lot of us believe that white girls look better than a morena. Many of us think that we are more beautiful and radiant if we have a fair skin color. Having fair white skin would make us look less haggard from the sweat and dirt we had gathered from the air. That is why a lot of us use whitening products for best results on their skin. Many of us want to have the best for themselves.

There are a lot of ways for a person to have fair white skin. A lot of us knows soaps that have papaya extracts or have glutathione compounds which are known to whiten the skin. There are some of us who also uses pills or medicines that can give us a fairer complexion.

Many of us who uses whitening soaps also use whitening lotions to have the best results in no time. But if you have a lot of money, or to those people who think that it is convenient for them, they go to beauty salons and ask to have the glutathione to be injected on their skin.

There are a lot of research and studies on the internet that can be useful for a lot of us who wants to have fairer skin and to follow beauty regimes to have more beautiful skin.

For many of us who are always on the internet and who have televisions at home, we know many celebrities who have fair white skin and one of them are the phenomenal actress, and recording artist, Bea Alonzo.

Bea Alonzo is one of the most beautiful faces in the showbiz industry. She already has a fair white complexion ever since she was young and she has skin that many of us envy because of how smooth her skin was.

According to an article written by PEP, Bea has a skin regime that she grew up using. It was a regime that her mother taught her when she was younger, and she is still using it now.

Looking at her skin, you would wonder what she uses to have that smooth and glowing skin. The actress was kind enough to share with us the regime she has to have the complexion we all dream to have.

The actress was using Calamansi and egg as her beauty products. She uses Calamansi to whiten dark areas on her skin and egg to be her face masks. A lot of people were amazed, and they had been sharing their sentiments and comments about her beauty regime on her YouTube channel.

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