Carrot Man shares his life right now after a brief popularity

Carrot Man shares his life right now after a brief popularity.

The social media is one of the most powerful creations in the world today. It has made communications a lot easier putting no regard to the distance at all. It has also made every kind of information accessible to everyone with just a few clicks and swipes. Various social media and social networking platforms have also become an avenue to build communities and even extended families. It has bridged a lot of people into finding their own niches with the same interests as them. Literally, one can hold the whole world on the top of his or her palms thanks to social media.

With the rise of social networking and social media, a lot of trends also started to spread. People have been actively paying attention to these trends that have populated almost everybody's feeds on their respective accounts. Some of the most notable trends that happened in the past were spread through the social networking site Facebook. People who got so hooked into the social media trends actively participated in them and have posted some documentation on their personal accounts. Even celebrities did not let those trends just pass them by as they willingly participated in them.

There was a time when various dance performances by the artist were becoming viral. The performance became a craze that had a lot of people filming themselves while doing the said dance. Later on, those dance covers became popular and have become a trend that is called "Dance Challenge". There was also a time in the past when an advocacy started to spread on the internet. The advocacy was to promote ALS which is a disease that hits the motor neuron of a person. The advocacy had people donating to them by asking people to do the "Ice Bucket Challenge" and tagging other people to do the same. The "Ice Bucket Challenge" asks people to be dumped with a bucket of ice which may be self-administered or done by other people.

There was also another trend that became popular only in the local scene. Photos of good-looking people doing manual labor and dirty work started to flood the news feeds of people. The trend was to find a beautiful or handsome person who is doing a job that didn't fit their appearance and making them popular online. One of the people that were spotted was Jeyrick Sigmaton or more popularly called as Carrot Man. He was spotted while he was carrying a big basket containing a lot of carrots which seems to have been from their farm.

Recently, a video about Jeyrick has been circulating online. He has become a trending personality once again as the video shared about his life at present.

Jeyrick had a brief popularity after he became viral on social media. He became a model for a well-known clothing brand and he also did some sponsored shows overseas. However, when he returned to the country, his career ended as he has no manager to handle him. Because of this, he returned to Baguio with her family and he did some guest appearances on local events there.

According to an interview, Jeyrick is planning to join the next season of the hit reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother which will be his gateway to be able to bounce back into his showbiz career. He also shared that he is planning to join some workshops to enhance his talents.

The YouTube video received a lot of feedback from social media users. People had mixed reactions and opinions about Carrot Man's life right now.

A lot of people were surprised to know about Jeyrick's present life. They are hoping that he may become successful when he returns to the showbiz scene.

The video that uploaded by the channel PinasFeed on the popular video streaming website YouTube really reminded the people about Jeyrick Sigmaton a.k.a Carrot Man.

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