Pinoy DJs were amazed at the toilet in their hotel room in South Korea

Pinoy DJs were amazed at the toilet in their hotel room in South Korea.

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Radio DJs Raqi Terra and Lyka Barista are two of the most popular radio disc jockeys in the Mega Manila area in the Philippines. They are also considered to be among the prettiest DJs in the country which made their faces known even if they have no use for it in their job at the radio stations. DJ Raqi is from the radio station Yes The Best 101.1 while DJ Lyka is from 90.7 Love Radio. Both of their stations are multi-awarded for being the most tuned-in stations in Metro Manila. Though the two seems to be in a very tough competition, their respective radio stations are actually sister stations. They are both under the company named MBC (Manila Broadcasting Company) which is owned by the Elizalde clan.

Recently, a video blog featuring DJ Raqi and DJ Lyka has been making rounds all over social media. The video became a trending topic as people were entertained by the two's reaction to a particular thing.

In the video, it showed that the two DJs were together in a particular room. However, it seems that DJ Raqi was conversing with DJ Lyka who was nowhere in sight as she was in the bathroom.

As it turns out, the two were in a hotel in South Korea. The two were enjoying a vacation trip together and even shared a room. Particularly, the two were really enjoying the state-of-the-art amenities and facilities of the hotel and even featured the high-tech toilet bowl in their video.

The toilet bowl has a control panel that was attached to the wall just beside it. The control panel of the toilet allows its user to automatically access the many different functions of the toilet bowl such as flushing and spraying some water to wash some dirty body parts.

The YouTube video gained a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and opinions about DJ Raqi's video blog.

Many people had the same reaction with DJ Raqi and DJ Lyka. They were also amazed by the technology applied in the toilet bowls of the featured hotel in the video blog of DJ Raqi.

The video that was uploaded by the DJ on her own channel named Raqi Terra in the popular video sharing website YouTube really amused a lot of people.

What can you say about the video? Were you surprised by the state-of-the-art toilet in Korea? We hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading the article.

Credits: YouTube

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