Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres - Gomez shares their life in the province with daughter Juliana

Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres - Gomez shares their life in the province with daughter Juliana.

The face of the world has greatly changed with the dawning of more advanced age. Science and technology have upgraded the lives of people by leaps. Almost everything in the world right now has shifted from manual to automatic. Various things have been greatly improved so that it may have more efficiency in fulfilling its purpose which makes the lives and tasks more convenient and easy. Truly, wherever one looks, there are traces of technological advancement. Civilization has greatly evolved and is continuously evolving to really change every primitive way that people are still doing.

However, living a technologically advanced lifestyle has its own fair share of costs and compromise and the world and everything in it had to pay. With the advancements in technology, the natural environment has been threatened. The world suffered because of the rapid advancements that the world underwent over several years. The newly invented gadgets and tools that made a lot of tasks to be done more easily and to improve the convenience of a person's life are not at all free. Only those who can afford to shell out a lot of money can avail of these things. Only those who are financially capable can enjoy the benefits of a technologically advanced life.

With all these changes going on in the world, there are still some people who enjoy the simple life. They must have gotten used to doing manual work and living in an environment that is technology-free. One of them is the family of the celebrity power couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres - Gomez. The whole household of the Gomez back in Ormoc City, Leyte really loves the life in the province. They live on natural and organic goods, and they also do some manual labor that has been thought to several generations by the primitive ancestors.

Recently, a video footage of Richard and Lucy's life in the province has surfaced online. The video became a trending topic as people wanted to find out how the couple is living their life right now.

The Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres - Gomez couple are among the most inspiring celebrity couples of all time. They are well-known by many people because both of them are famous personalities. They are also great public figures in the country, especially in their province.

Although they are quite famous, the two chose to settle in the province of Ormoc in Leyte and not in the country's capital. They seem to be enjoying the air in that place and the simple lifestyle that they have there.

In the video that was posted, they shared how simple their life in the province is. Some of the food items that they need are readily accessible in their own backyard. If they want fruits, they can just pick some fresh Rambutan and Indian Mangoes on the trees. If they want some fresh juice, they can have a Coconut picked and cracked. If they want some eggs for breakfast, they can just get it straight from the nest of their chickens. They also shared some other activities that they do on a normal day.

The YouTube video drew a lot of feedback from social media users. Many people had opinions and reactions to it.

A lot of people were happy to see the life of Richard and Lucy in the province. They are glad to know that the two are still enjoying a simple lifestyle.

The video that was uploaded by the channel named jassyreignz happyTV on the well-known video sharing site YouTube really amused a lot of people.

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