Jose Manalo is proud of the achievements of his children

Jose Manalo is proud of the achievements of his children.

Being a parent is one of the best roles that a married person can ever experience in his or her lifetime. Someone who has carefully chosen the vocation of married life has this particular task of procreating. They need to go away from their parents' jurisdiction in order to start building their own. They have to assume the role that their parents did to them to their own. The parents will have to serve as the caretakers of the precious lives that will be given to them in the form of their very own children.

The offspring are probably the most precious gifts to a parent. They are the ones who serve as the joy of the family. They radiate good vibes to the people around them most especially to their own family members and relatives. They make the mood around them much lighter by just simply being there. They are truly the greatest treasure to a family most especially when they grow up and lead a good life. When they start achieving in life and fulfilling their goals and dreams, it is the parents who are the happiest of all. It would feel like they are already done with everything that they need to do, and they have achieved their purpose.

A lot of parents work very hard and sacrifice so much just to give their families, most especially their children, good lives. They selflessly put the intentions of their whole family first more than their own interests. They have already been through life and so they take on the responsibility of paving the way for their offspring to also attain a meaningful life. Parents give their best to support the endeavors of their children so that they may see them succeeding in life as well.

Jose Manalo is one of the most popular celebrities in the country. Everyone is quite aware that he is already a family man, however, not everyone is aware that he already has three successful children. In an interview, Jose revealed how proud he is of the achievements of three of his children.

First up is Benj Manalo. Benj is a rising star in the show business industry. He seems to be a familiar face to many as he had already done several roles on some notable TV series. He was able to build his own career without relying on the popularity of his father. His most iconic role is being Alyanna's (played by Yassi Pressman) cameraman in the series FPJ's Ang Probinsyano" which is one of the longest-running and biggest TV series in the country. Apart from this, he is also a skilled theater actor who was even a part of the popular "Rak of Aegis" theater show.

The second one is Nicco Manalo. He also chose to be a part of the show business and entertainment industry just like his father. Like Benj, he didn't rely on his father's popularity as well. His main focus is portraying roles for movies and independent films which seems to work well for him who has already become quite popular in that field.

Lastly, we have Myki Manalo. She is one of the daughters of Jose Manalo who chose a profession away from the limelight of show business. She chose to be in the medical field, unlike her father and brothers. He graduated with a degree in BS Psychology in the De La Salle University in Taft back in 2012 and she further pursued her medical school in FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine. She, later on, passed her licensure examination which is just one of her many achievements.

The post about Jose Manalo's already successful children earned an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about the successful family of Jose Manalo.

A lot of people were amazed at the achievements of Jose Manalo's children. Many of them hope that when they soon have their own children, they may be able to be just as successful as Jose's are. They also praised the actor-comedian for being such a great father to his kin.

The post that was published by the website News Feed caught the interest of many people, most especially those who wanted to know what kind of father Jose is.

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