Kristine Hermosa's daughter surprises many people on social media

Kristine Hermosa's daughter surprises many people on social media.

There are a lot of people who love watching anything that they could on the internet or our television screens. Many families life to sit in front of their television and watch movies or drama series where they can relate to each other. It is one way for many of us to start a conversation with the people we love. Some parents like to watch action movies like some of their sons, but then it is not advisable for them to watch actions series or films that have a lot of scenes that they should not see but as long as there's guidance they can.

Many of us love to make new memories with our loved ones, and one of the simplest thing that we can do is watch with them whenever we are at home. It is one way that we can start a conversation with our parents especially if you are not that close to them. You might want to discuss those petty things with them and then talk about the things that matter. And as there are a lot of people who watch television with their family, the higher the chance that kids imitate the characters of a series that is significant for them.

Most kids learn the things that they acquire from watching other people do things that is why there are a lot of kids who love to imitate other people that they usually see. They are into imitating the people that they always see or watch.

Most kids who always watch the same series and movie get to etched some of the characters in their mind. They get to think that they can be the character itself and they do the things that the person usually do in the series or the movie. They even do it in front of other people as if they are the main character of that series.

There are a lot of celebrities who are working on their projects. They love to do their best to portray the character that was for them.

And looking on the internet, you will be able to see how they affect the people who are watching them because of the posts, pictures, and videos that are talking about them.

Just like how a lot of us fell in love with the television series 'Bagani' which is somehow a history-fan fiction that many people love to watch.

According to a video on Instagram, the daughter of the phenomenal star, Kristine Hermosa and her husband, Oyo Boy Sotto imitated some of the characters in the television series that her mom is currently working as of the moment.

The actress had been so happy with how her daughter supports her and how they show support for her with her new show. Watching the video, you will be able to see how cute she is and how great she did as she imitates 'Bagani.'

A lot of people are talking about how cute and adorable Ondrea on the video is and how great she looks like her mom. Many people are sharing their sentiments and their comments about this charming young girl on the leading broadcasting network, ABS-CBN.

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