Vice Ganda meets Lars Pacheco's boyfriend and their offspring

Vice Ganda meets Lars Pacheco's boyfriend and their offspring.

As a person goes through his or her course of life here on Earth, they are also able to build various relationships with other people. One of the greatest relationships that a person can ever build in his or her entire life is a romantic relationship with someone. To be able to have a person with whom you can share everything about your life and have someone to whom you can comfortably be yourself is truly one of the best things in life. These are just some of the reasons why a lot of people are really looking forward to being able to find their significant other.

When a person gets into a relationship, he or she has to share his whole world to that person. Both of them should be willing to allow the other into their life. As such, the person must also allow his or her partner to be a part of his many other relationships with other people. What people usually do is they really make an effort to introduce their partners to all the other people who are related to them such as family, friends, and acquaintances. They try to allow the person their partners to build a bond with the people who have been a part of their lives.

Vice Ganda is one of the of the most famous people in the Philippines. He is well recognized by the public after he became a common name to every Filipino household's afternoon habit as they stay tuned in to the hit noontime variety show "It's Showtime" where he is a host. Apart from his stint in hosting, he is also an excellent comedian, actor, and recording artist. He is also one of the instigate the idea for one of the public's favorite segment in the noontime show. The segment is titled "Miss Q & A" which is like a smaller scale beauty pageant for those men who identify as a woman.

The segment was a huge hit as it got a good reception from the audience. A lot of people were entertained by the witty answers and arguments of the contestants to the many strange questions that are being asked in the question and answer portion of the segment. Vice has also taken some fondness to the top contenders who did excellently in the culmination of the whole pageant which was held recently.

Recently, the most notable contenders in the "Miss Q & A" Grand Finals became Vice's guests on his evening talk show "Gandang Gabi Vice" and the video of the particular episode surfaced on the internet. The video became a trending topic as people watched Vice's reaction to Lars and his companions to the show.

In the particular episode of the show, the top 6 finalists namely Lars, Juliana, Elsa, Rianne, Donna, and Matmat were the guests in one of the segments. Vice took the privilege to interview and to have some fun with the amazing contestants of the pageant.

When it was already the time for Vice to interview Lars Pacheco, he asked about his boyfriend. Lars then pointed to the audience bleachers where his boyfriend was quietly watching. Lars said that his boyfriend was together with their offspring. When VIce tried to look for their kin, they revealed that they were only referring to the stuffed toy that they love so dearly. Vice was quite shocked because he thought that they brought in a dog in the set of the show.

The video caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about the particular episode of the talk show.

A lot of people, especially the surprised live audience, agrees with Vice as they also thought that Lars' boyfriend is indeed handsome. They think that the two of them look good together because of their stunning appearance.

The video that was uploaded by the channel ABS-CBN Entertainment on the famous video streaming site YouTube amused a lot of viewers whose attention were also caught by Lars' boyfriend and their stuff toy which they treat as their offspring.

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