Pokwang's daughter surprises many people on social media

Pokwang's daughter surprises many people on social media.

Every one of us has their dreams. There are some of us who dreams to become the most successful person in this world. There are some of us who want to travel the whole globe, dine at the most famous spots in every country, and take pictures of the places that they had been. There are some of us who dreams to have a pleasant life in the future by having all the means that they need in life. They do not want to have fancy things, all they want to have is the exact amount that they need in life.

While there are a lot of us who dreams to have the most fulfilling and most successful life, there are some of us who wants the things to be simple. There are some of us who want to graduate from school and finish a degree. It may be a small dream for many, but there are some of us who sees it as one because it is never too easy to finish college because not all of us can to enroll in a college, or institution due to some reasons. And being able to graduate is one of the most significant achievements that one can have.

But nothing would be more proud of us that our parents could ever be. They are the ones who help us to go to school, and they gave us almost everything that we need to finish our studies. 

Our parents are the ones who raised us, and they were the ones who helped us to be who we are today. They did their best to help us in their way to bring us to school at the most that they can. Once we get to finish school, they would be the one who would be very proud of us.

As much as we are proud of ourselves, our parents are the ones who will be the persons who will be most proud of us and our achievements in life.

After more or less fifteen years of studying, we will then be wearing our most fashionable outfit as we march down to the stage to accept our diploma and make our family and friends proud.

Just like how Pokwang felt so proud upon seeing her daughter walk to the stage and receive her diploma as she finishes her studies and achieves one of the stepping stone to becoming a successful person in the future.

According to the Instagram account of the comedian, her daughter Mae Subong recently graduated from college. She was so proud of her daughter, and she can't keep it to herself and shared it on her social media account to let the whole world know how proud she is as a mother. 

Pokwang was a single mother to Mae and all her hard work and the struggles that did now paid off. All the pain that she had gone through to send Mae to school now paid off and she could never be prouder.

A lot of people had been happy for her and her daughter, and they keep on telling her how exceptional she is as a mother. Many people had been giving out their comments and sentiments on the YouTube.

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