Coco Martin's revelation surprises many people on social media

Coco Martin's revelation surprises many people on social media.

Many people love to watch a lot of movies and drama and television series. Research says that watching is more appealing that of reading that is why there are a lot more people who love watching rather than reading. Many people are into seeing things rather than reading it. They do not like to use much of their imagination that is why they want to view it for themselves. There are a lot of things that we can watch on our television, as there are many channels and network where we can watch the segments that they offer that could get our attention.

There is a lot of television series that we can watch, there is a variety that we can choose from, depending on the things that we like. There are dramas, Filipino dramas, and foreign movies that we help us in learning new information or even languages, like, Nihonggo, Korean, Mandarin, and English. There are a lot of us who love to watch our own and support our artists. And many people are into watching action series or the television series that usually plays in the evening after they ate their dinner. We like to watch with our family and friends as a sort of bonding.

As many of us watch television dramas and movie, for sure there are a lot of us who have their favorite celebrities and artist on the showbiz industry. Many of us love to watch the series and the film of our idols whatever genre it is for us to support them in what they do.

There are a lot of people who are into love teams, but there are some who are into individual artists. They want to support what their idol does. It may be a television drama or a film they will do their best to show support. And there are a lot of us who are excited to see their idols to have a new project and know the people that they will be working with for that project. 

Just like how a lot of us is a fan of the phenomenal star and director, Coco Martin. Coco Martin is one of the brightest stars of this generation. Many people love him because of his charms and his good looks that would make you fall for him over and over again.

There is something on his eyes and on his personality that will make you hooked on him and the series and movies that he had made. Maybe because he started from the bottom and he knows how to please everyone by how he acts and how he moves. Plus he is good looking, and he has a charm that any raise or any age love. 

A lot of people are into watching his current television series, and they had been wondering what he would do next. People are excited to see him do another project besides his project and his directing stunt. People are looking forward to his next project that many people had been talking online.

According to a video Youtube, the actor is waiting for a new project that will be their entry for the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival 2018. Many people are wondering whether he will be directing the movie or he will be playing a role, and the video gave us all the answer to our questions in our mind. 

Coco answered in an interview that he is not directing the movie for he will be playing a role in it. People are asking who's her leading lady on the film and he said that he is looking forward to work with the internet sensation and phenomenal star, Maine Mendoza for a long time now. He said that he dreamed to be working with her from the first time he was able to watch her.

A lot of people are looking forward to the movie and the plot and his newest love team. Many people are sharing their comments and sentiments on YouTube.

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