Bela Padilla jokes around with Vhong Navarro while hosting

Bela Padilla jokes around with Vhong Navarro while hosting.

Love and romance are one of the most beautiful things that can ever occur to a person. Just like what a lot of people see everywhere especially on mainstream and social media, being romantically in love with someone and having a partner with whom you can feel comfortable being yourself with is definitely something that everyone wants. They would like to have someone to whom they can be clingy and annoying too. Someone who would accept them for who they are with all their ups and downs in life. They look forward to all of these because they are aware that these are just some of the good things about being in love.

However, people fail to realize the love and being in a relationship isn't always joyful and good. There comes a time when a relationship may go sour or bland or it may have to go through some challenges and struggles. These situations are just some of the things that purify love and relationships. Those who are unsure about the relationship that they have or the love that they are giving and receiving would usually succumb to these hard circumstances. This makes them end up being bitter about their love life and being fond of "hugot" lines that really show how bad they felt with their experience.

Nowadays, the "hugot" culture is slowly becoming a huge trend. A lot of people have developed a fondness towards this trend. "Hugot" is when a person tries to relate anything to an unpleasant experience with love. Even people who don't particularly have an experience when it comes to being in love or in a relationship seems to still get struck by "hugot" lines. It seems that a lot of people at present has made their miseries about love into something entertaining. This trend has dominated every form of media and has even caught the fancy of public figures and celebrities.

One of the most popular celebrities in the country who loves "hugot" lines is Bela Padilla. It is not surprising though because she has been doing a lot of roles on television series and movies with an unpleasant love story from which a lot of people can relate to. She even got branded to be a professional already when it comes to "hugot" lines.

Recently, a video of Bela Padilla slamming Vhong Navarro is making rounds all over the internet. The video became a trending topic as people were surprised with Bela's statement.

Bla Padilla became a guest host for the noontime variety show "It's Showtime" just a few days ago. The actress who is quite known for her "hugot" lines was greatly missed by the hosts since she has already become a guest in the show for a couple of times in the past already.

As such, they interviewed Bela for a bit and even joked around with her. Vhong even said that she shouldn't get a boyfriend anymore because the fans are always happy whenever she would make "hugot" lines which he thinks would stop if Bela gets into a relationship. Bela's rebuttal to what Vhong said is suddenly swept the attention of the crowd as she said that Vhong is the one blocking her to have a love life.

The video received much feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about Bela's statement to Vhong.

A lot of people were shocked when Bela suddenly made the joke. However, it seems that they are quite aware that there was nothing going on between the two celebrities and so there was no malice in the statement.

The video of the particular episode that was uploaded by the channel ABS-CBN Entertainment on the popular video-sharing site YouTube amused a lot of people, most especially the fans of Bela Padilla.

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