Pauleen Luna enjoys their trip to London

Pauleen Luna enjoys their trip to London.

All over the world, people have been fed with the idea of love and romance. They have been so engrossed in these that they tend to be interested in anything that is related to love and romance. For this reason, a lot of people are looking forward to having a romantic relationship. They would like to have someone close to them with whom they can share and make memories with. They are very eager to have a partner with whom they can be sweet and intimate with just like what they see in the couples all around them. Many people are in a hurry to be in a relationship just to experience what it feels like to have a romantic partner.

However, romantic relationships don't happen just so that people may experience how it feels to be loved. People should be aware that romantic relationships exist with an end goal of getting married. Romantic relationships aren't just your typical friendships. It is more of a lifetime commitment with a particular person and selflessly considering what is best for him or her paying no regard to personal gain at all. It is the bonding of two individuals that should eventually lead to marriage wherein they will be united to become one. It is consciously being aware, that after the wedding day, the person should accept that he or she will have to spend the rest of his or her life with the other person.

In the show business and entertainment industry, there are a lot of couples. These power couples which is formed by two famous celebrities only began in a professional set-up wherein a couple is paired with each other for the sake of work. However, it seems that the bonds formed in work somehow developed into a more serious affection for each other. They then eventually become a real-life couple that (in most cases) leads to a grand wedding that is publicized to the whole nation.

Such is the case of Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna. These two celebrities are both well-known. They worked together is some projects but their most iconic one is probably their hosting stint in the longest-running noontime variety show in the Philippines, "Eat Bulaga!" which has become a noontime habit to most households in the country. Eventually, the two got married and have since then been enjoying a happy life with each other.

Just recently, the happily wedded couple went on a trip to London. Their trip became a trending topic as some people suspect that they might have plans for their lives that will take place there.

A few weeks ago, Vic and Pauleen went to London together with some close industry colleagues. They took a much-deserved break from their job as a host just so that they can spend time with each other and enjoy in a foreign land. Both of them have actively posted their journey in the United Kingdom on their respective social networking accounts.

In one particular post of Pauleen, their co-host in "Eat Bulaga!" Pia Guanio jokingly commented with a suggestion that they should buy a house in that country already. This is because it was very evident that the two were really enjoying the whole country and it seemed like they don't want to return to the Philippines anymore.

The post caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People shared their comments and opinions about the joke of Pia Guanio on Pauleen's post.

A lot of people were amused by the comment of Pia. However, they think that the celebrity couple might actually take it seriously since they are more than capable to actually do it. They are excited to see if there will be a development in that particular exchange of comments.

The IG post featured in a video that was uploaded by the account Pinoy New Channel in the popular video streaming site YouTube attracted a lot of attention from the people especially the fans of the power couple.

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