Gary Valenciano appreciates Coco Martin's gesture

Gary Valenciano appreciates Coco Martin's gesture.

Friends are some of the best people in the world. They are those who we feel at home with next to our families. They are the ones who treat us the way our good families treat us. It's as if these people were just really created to be an extension of our families. They are those to whom we can always run to in whatever circumstance that we go through. They are also the people to whom we can share almost everything with and just be comfortably vulnerable. These are just some of the reasons why friends are considered as a great blessing to one's life.

In the show, business industry friendships are quite intriguing. Although there are a lot of highly publicized friendships, there are also those which are kept in private. There are those who act like their good friends when they actually aren't, and there are also those who share a genuine friendship with each other. Whatever the case may be, the closeness between some celebrities is just really surprising. However, we have to remember that the show business industry is a small world for the people working in it especially the celebrities which is why it is easy to establish connections and relationships with other people.

Coco Martin and Gary Valenciano are both well-known and highly respected celebrities. Little to everyone's knowledge, the two of them share a genuine friendship with each other even if the two of them haven't appeared in any TV project together. Coco Martin is a top caliber actor, a budding director, and a film producer. He has appeared in a lot of popular TV series and movies which. On the other hand, Gary Valenciano is a singer-songwriter, musician, actor, TV host, and an all-out performer. He was dubbed as "Mr. Pure Energy" because of his outstanding performances during the peak of his career. He has appeared in many TV shows although his main focus is performing.

Recently, Gary has been making headlines because of an illness that has greatly affected his health. It leads to some grave circumstances that lead him to take a leave from show business for an indefinite time. Gary V has been trying to regain his strength after going through a lot of issues with his health. His time away from show business became an opportunity to really saw who his closest friends are.

Just some days ago, a post by Gary Valenciano made rounds all over the internet, especially on social media. The post became a trending topic as people witnessed the friendship of Gary V and Coco Martin.

Through a post by Gary himself, he revealed that he and Coco Martin are really close friends. In his post, he admitted how he appreciates the actor so much for paying him a visit while he was recovering. He also said the even his household was really thankful for the thoughtfulness of the famous actor. In the comments section, it was seen that Coco really admires the singer-songwriter and his music which served as an inspiration for his TV series. It seems that the two are looking forward to working with each other again when Gary finally comes back to showbiz.

The two haven't appeared in any notable TV series or film together, however, the two have already worked with each other a couple of times. It is well known by many that Gary V was the one who sung the theme song of Coco's primetime TV series "FPJs Ang Probinsyano" which is taking the lead in terms of TV ratings lately.

The Instagram post earned a lot of feedback from social media users. People expressed their reactions and opinions to the friendship of Gary and Coco.

A lot of people were touched by the encounter between Gary and Coco. They are glad to see that these two top celebrities share a genuine friendship with each other that they still find time to see each other despite their circumstances.

The IG post that was featured by the channel Mr. Tsismoso on the popular video-sharing platform YouTube really touched the hearts of many people especially the fans of Gary V and Coco Martin.

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