Elmo Magalona and Kisses Delavin go for a tandem recording

Elmo Magalona and Kisses Delavin go for a tandem recording.

One of the things that famous celebrities all share is that they must be equipped with the different skills in entertainment. Yes, we can all notice that these famous stars all possess the different skills needed and are experts in a certain field. Whether they are skilled in acting, dancing, and singing, these celebrities are always honing their skills and are always getting ready. This is because they wouldn't know when they will be called on stage and give a demonstration to their fans and when you are that famous, people will say something about you whenever you commit mistakes.

Sometimes we encounter people who are really excelling when it comes to the field of music. They are really great at singing and playing instruments to the point that they are asked to record their own songs and their own cover versions of popular songs in the music industry. Whenever things like these are posted online, as fans and supporters, we wanted to be the first ones to see the scoop. We want to give out our comments and sentiments on them and let them know that we are here supporting them. There are times that we encounter two artists do a recording together and have a duet. Such things are really exciting and when people learn about these, they will always talk about it and compare their talents to others. These kind of topics are always viral online especially when the two artists share great chemistry together. People will be excited for them and sometimes, fans will push that they become a love team.

Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal actor Elmo Magalona and actress Kisses Delavin. They have been making a buzz all over social media after people have seen the latest news update about them. They were totally surprised about what they saw and apparently, fans are excited of what's going to happen next between them.

An Instagram story is now going viral all over social media after a page named "Universal Records PH" featured the phenomenal artists, Elmo Magalona and Kisses Delavin. We all know that the actor Elmo Magalona is really famous all over the country and he is one of the leading stars now in the showbiz industry.

Going after the fame of his father, the actor rose to fame and has displayed his great skills, good looks, and amazing charm to the people. Ever since then, many have come to admire and followed his career. Likewise with the sensational actress Kisses Delavin, she rose to fame in the reality TV show called PBB and ever since then many have discovered her different talents and now she is really famous all throughout the land.

Recently, the two have been the talk of the town on social media after people have heard that they had a recording session together. 

Many are surprised at what they saw for everyone knows that Elmo is in a love tandem together with the actress Janella Salvador.

You can see in the Instagram post that both of them are having a great time and many are excited for the release of their recording. 

People are now lauding the two of them for doing a great job and they are now saying that they have great chemistry together.

The post went massive on social media and many are now giving their comments and sentiments on the post and it is really evident that the people are pushing them to become a pair.

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Credits: ABS-CBN

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