Ervic Vijandre reveals his past relationship with Marian Rivera

Ervic Vijandre reveals his past relationship with Marian Rivera.

A person's life is divided into various phases. The past, the present, and the future. All of these phases are equally important to a person as it all plays an important role in the development of one's life. Each of the different phases contributes to the fullness of that person's whole being as each one has a mark to leave on him or her. All of them are just as important as the other as the three phases dictate how the life of a person will be lived. These three are also interconnected with each other and has a great impact on the overall life of a person.

The past, as its name suggests, is the time that has already passed. It is the particular part of a person's life that has already gone by and no longer exists at the moment. This is where a lot of people usually bank their experiences. It is where they experienced a lot of memories that they still reminisce during the next phase of their life which is in the present. This is also where people learn a lot. Whether it is additional knowledge or values, principles, and beliefs that one needs in life, the past contains all of these learning.

A lot of people really pay importance to their past. It is where they keep memories, be it good or bad. It is also where they have acquired a lot of learning that they use in their present endeavors and will definitely be useful in the future as well. It is also where they stock the experiences that have honed and shaped them into the person that they are now. Although there are people who want to just forget some irrelevant and unpleasant memories, they still acknowledge their past as a valuable factor in their life because of everything that it has taught them.

Ervic Vijandre is one of the actors who is slowly establishing their name in the show business industry. He is an artist of the GMA TV network station and he has appeared in a lot of TV series, shows, and films. He is also a talented basketball player as this was his craft before joining showbiz.

Recently, Ervic made a revelation in his Instagram stories that circulated online. The revelation became a trending topic as people were surprised about it.

There is a particular trend in the popular social networking site Instagram that allows users to answer questions by their followers through the IG story function of the application.  Ervic, being a well-known personality, was asked by some of his fans. There were various questions that surfaced and one of them was about his past with Marian Rivera.

Marian Rivera is the past lover of Eric Vijandre and some people, especially the younger ones, are not aware of it. One particular IG user asked him if he has already moved on from his past relationship with Marian. The actor responded with an answer that implies that he has already moved on and the one who asked the question is probably the only one who hasn't moved on yet.

The IG story caught various feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about the particular post.

A lot of people, especially those from the younger generations were quite surprised about this revelation. Some of them weren't aware that Marian had a relationship with Ervic long ago. However, they are glad that Ervic and Marian have already moved on and are doing well in their current lives.

The Instagram stories featured in the video that was uploaded by the account Pinoy New Channel on the popular video streaming site YouTube shocked a lot of people including the fans of both Ervic and Marian.

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