Latest news about Gerald Anderson surprises many people on social media

Latest news about Gerald Anderson surprises many people on social media.

Trust is an important thing for many people. Many people believe that in every relationship, we need to give our full trust to the other person, may it be friendship, or romantic relationship or even in the workplace. Life would not be that easy for any of us when we do not trust someone. It is as if there is no foundation for the relationship that you are building and it will immediately crumble once a storm or a problem came to your way. That is why trust is something that every one of us should take care off.

In every relationship, it is essential to have trust in the other person. It is always the building block or the cornerstone of every bond because it is a significant factor and you cannot build a powerful connection with other people if you do not fully trust the person. The same as being a worker in a company or for someone. It is essential that you gain the trust of the person and give your assurance to them that you will do your best in your work and you will not do anything that can break what they had given you.

Once you break the trust of other people, it is hard to gain back as there are a lot of people who do not give second chances to those who infringed their confidence in you that they gave in the very first place.

It is easy to gain the trust of a person by the things that you do, but once you break it, there is no turning back. Your relationship with the person already has a taint by the fact that you strain his or her belief in you. It is hard to build the trust back into your relationship, whatever it is that you are sharing.

Many of us had been in this position wherein we gave our trust to someone, but they broke it, and they are asking for us to give it back to them as if nothing had happened, and it is not that easy for us to give them what they do not deserve.

There are a lot of times when people will turn their back against us even though we had helped them in the past that made them broke our trust in them and it is hard to let them go with what they did to us.

Just like what recently had happened with the phenomenal star, Gerald Anderson. As a celebrity, he needs household help from the people who also need help or work for it is a win-win situation for them. But then, there are times when people will turn their back to us and will be ungrateful of all the help that we gave them.

According to the Fashion Pulis website, the actor had been in an encounter with someone from the past who tried to get some of his stuff in his car. Based on the photos on the website, the news is about the actor and the son of his former cook who tried to get his things.

But the thing that is bizarre is that the man only took three shirts from the actor's assistant and Gerald's shoes which you cannot put on sale, or you won't get much money for it. People are wondering why he did that, and they are sharing what is on their mind.

Many people are sharing their thoughts and sentiments about this on Fashion Pulis website.

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