Gretchen Barretto gains attention online because of her comments towards a netizen

Gretchen Barretto gains attention online because of her comments towards a netizen.

Celebrities are among the most influential people in the world. They are people who have acquired a significant amount of fame because of their talent that they use in the show business and entertainment industry. They are looked up to and respected by many people because of their outstanding traits and qualities that are truly admirable. People follow them and treat them as idols that are worthy of being praised. Because of this fame that celebrities are enjoying, they are able to influence a wide audience. They create some sort of impact of the lives of the people that they reach through their popularity.

Through the various forms of media, celebrities are able to spread awareness about them in a wide area. They take advantage of the technological advancements in order to connect to people and be able to increase the number of their fans. Their most used forms of media are the mainstream media which includes television and radio, and the social media which covers social networking sites and other web platforms that allow people to encounter and communicate with other people online. Through these, they are able to boost their fame which helps them stay in a good phasing in the career run.

Social media has become a part of every people's lives most especially the celebrities. Through their own social media accounts that they probably created in order to grace the social media feeds of their fans, they are able to update their followers about the latest happenings in their lives which are also usually the source of showbiz news and intrigues. With the use of social media, they are also able to keep in touch with the public most especially their avid fans who support their every endeavor. This fulfills the dreams of their fans to be able to have a close encounter with their idols.

However, sometimes, social media also become an avenue for critics to openly criticize the celebrities that they don't like. Some would even go as far as to personally reach them through their communication channels just to tell them about how much they hate them. One of the victims of these kinds of actions is Gretchen Barretto.

Gretchen Barretto is a former celebrity who still enjoys some popularity at present even if she is no longer active in the show business industry. She used to star in various TV series and movies that were well-loved by the audience. She is a part of the well-known Barretto clan who has many members in the show business industry.

Recently, Gretchen encountered a certain social media user that lead to a heated exchange of comments and messages. The encounter became a trending topic as people tried to find out the root of what happened.

The situation began when a certain Instagram user named Frederick Dison commented on one of her posts with criticisms about her lifestyle and her relationship status. The guy has always been an active critic of Gretchen. He regularly visits Gretchen's social networking profiles just to post some negative comments about her.

Unfortunately for him, Gretchen has already learned to retaliate against her critics. Gretchen kept up with the rebuttals towards the comments of Frederick that seems to have ticked him off. He then directly messaged Gretchen, still to express his hate towards the actress. However, Gretchen didn't back down on the challenge.

The exchange of comments between Gretchen and the Instagram user earned a lot of feedback from social media users. People praised Gretchen for not letting the guy bully her. Others thought that it was pointless for the Instagram user to engage in an argument with Gretchen as it didn't help anything or anyone at all.

The posts of Gretchen that was featured in a video which was uploaded by the channel Starbites Philippines on the popular video streaming site YouTube made a buzz online as people once again witnessed the toughness of a Barretto.

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