A Kapuso star who looks like Liza Soberano is attracting some attention online

A Kapuso star who looks like Liza Soberano is attracting some attention online.

Celebrities and artists have to belong to a particular company who would develop and manage them if they really want to become famous. As such, they have to do really well in order to catch the attention of a particular agency who would let them sign an exclusive contract with them. Through that, they become a part of a particular team or company that would help them achieve success in their showbiz career. They would eventually treat the people in their group just like how they treat their family, although there will still be controversies within that company since those are inevitable.

Since the show business industry is divided within itself by the industry players such as big broadcasting companies and network stations, the competition has become tougher. Nowadays, there are a lot of companies who are actively competing with each other for the attention of the audience. They gauge this through the information provided by survey companies who determine the preferences of the public especially the television viewers. Aside from this, they also rely on how viral or trending their shows and artists are on social media which is sometimes reliable because it is where most people spend their time and take their opinions to.

The competing companies in showbiz take pride in their own shows that are products of the collective minds of their whole team. But aside from this, they also boast their roster of famous celebrities and artists that work exclusively for them. These two are just some of the products that the showbiz companies sell to their audience. These are also just two of the determinants of their overall appeal to the public. The popularity of these shows and artists also tells how well they are doing the competition within the industry. For this reason, network stations and broadcasting companies work really hard to promote and market the shows and artists that they have in order to earn the attention of the public.

The competition in the show business industry has become so tough that it even brought up a rivalry between network stations. These rivalry has become beneficial for the viewing public as the competing stations really try to up their game in order to overcome the others.

Recently, photos of a new Kapuso artist has been making rounds all over the internet. The photos became viral as people saw that the new female artist seems to be GMA's ace against ABS-CBN's Liza Soberano.

The new Kapuso actress is none other than Hailey Mendes. This new female artist is just 13 years old. According to sources, she signed with the GMA TV networks station back in November of last year although she is yet to appear on mainstream media and hasn't received any promotions lately.

She has been attracting so much attention because of her looks that are up to par with Liza Soberano. In fact, a lot of people noticed that she has a resemblance to the famous actress and to the K-pop idol Nancy Jewel McDonie. It is a known fact that Nancy and Liza have been compared to each other many times already. And now a third person comes into the picture for possessing a beauty that seems like the fusion of the two famous celebrities.

The photos earned a lot of social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about Hailey Mendes.

A lot of people, especially from the male audience, poured out their love and appreciation for this new artist. They were mesmerized by the beauty of Hailey and they think that she really has a potential to become a big star soon.

The photos from Hailey's personal social networking accounts that were featured in a video that was uploaded in the popular video streaming site YouTube made a huge buzz all over the internet and has made a lot of people express some interest in Hailey.

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