Janine Gutierrez reacts to her mother's marriage with her Lebanese boyfriend

Janine Gutierrez reacts to her mother's marriage with her Lebanese boyfriend.

Love and romance are one of the most interesting concepts in the world. Whenever the topic is about these two, it seems that everyone just suddenly gets excited and wants to be involved in the discussion. The people in the present generation has developed a certain fondness for these ideas because of the amazing feeling that they get whenever they encounter these topics. At some point, the people have been brainwashed by the consistent echoing of the message of love and romance everywhere in the world. Almost everything is incorporated with these ideas because people know that it is the best way to capture the attention of the public.

When we talk about love and romance, the first things that come to mind is a romantic relationship between two persons. Yes, it is true that love can be found everywhere and from everyone but most people would associate love with romance, and so they only know the kind of love that is involved in a romantic relationship. Because of this, many people are eager to get into a relationship with some who they deem to be the one destined for them. They are excited to know what it feels like to have a partner that would always be there for them.

Romantic relationships are not just for fun. It is a lifetime commitment that (in the ideal world) should lead to marriage. Marriage is the ultimate end of a relationship and so people who want to go into one should really discern if they are ready to commit their whole lives with the partner that they are eyeing. Romantic relationships aren't easy as there will be a lot of challenges and hardships that will come the way of the couple, and so, both of them should really be firm about their decision if they are going to pursue the relationship.

However, just like everything else in this world, relationships are also imperfect. There are certain threats to romantic relationships that can break apart the bond between the couple. There are even cases that the couple would really break up with each other just because of some conflict and difference in interests. Such is the case of Janine Gutierrez parents Lotlot De Leon and Ramon Christopher. The two separated from each other years ago, and the two are now happy with their own lives. Lolot has even found a new love in the person of her Lebanese boyfriend.

Recently, Janine's reaction to her mother's decision to marry her current boyfriend circulated all over the internet. Janine's statements became a trending topic as people wanted to find out how she feels about the marriage.

According to Janine, she is very happy for her mother. She also said that above all, it's still her mother's happiness that truly matters.

She also narrated how things progressed during the day that Lotlot's Lebanese boyfriend proposed. According to her, she immediately got a call from her mother saying that she was given a ring, which implies that she has been proposed to. Janine also said that her mother doesn't even need to as for their permission since she was the mother. Although it would have been different for her case.

The news received a lot of feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about Janine's thoughts about her mother's wedding.

A lot of people were glad that Janine was just happy that her mother was still able to find love. They are hoping that her mother's new relationship would flourish.

The news featured in the video that was uploaded by the channel World Viral on the popular video streaming site YouTube found Janine's reactions to the situation as genuinely cute and touching.

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