Jericho Rosales attracts the attention of netizens for his numerous projects

Jericho Rosales attracts the attention of netizens for his numerous projects.

The show business and entertainment industry are one of the biggest industries in the whole world. Ironically, the industry is quite small for the people working in it because of the connections that they make with the other people in it. People in the industry can easily build connections with each other because there are many opportunities in it to meet and work with new people. This widens their network of acquaintances which allows them to have an easier grasp of the whole industry in general. They also get to spread their presence in the whole industry which makes it appear smaller than it actually is.

Because of this kind of situation, a lot of people in it are being able to establish a relationship with each other. This happens mostly to the celebrities who have the most opportunities to be able to work with other celebrities regardless of their network station. There are even some celebrities who were able to build a great and lasting relationship with other celebrities even when they do not get many chances to work with each other. Some of these friendships have a tight closeness that the public is not fully aware of which is why there are times that the people start some rumors about it.

John Lloyd Cruz is one of the most popular male celebrities in the country. He is a part of the Star Magic talent management and development agency which is the exclusive arm of the ABS-CBN TV network station tasked to handle their talents that can possibly become potential stars in the future. He became famous for the iconic roles that he portrayed in the movies that he top-billed and also in some television series where he was a part of the cast. He is also a well-known brand endorser who was chosen by many big brands in the country as their promoter.

Recently, John Lloyd has been in some controversies which lead him to leave show business for a while. Because of this, there are some projects that he left that should be filled in by other celebrities.

There had been rumors going around the internet that John Lloyd's good friend Jericho Rosales is one of those who are on the receiving end of the projects that the famous actor left behind. Jericho broke his silence over these rumors and his statements became a trending topic online.

According to an interview, Jericho is quite sad for what his friend John Lloyd is going through. Although he is confident that when he returns to the industry, he would not have a hard time getting back his former glory as a celebrity. 

Jericho expressed how hopeful he is for his friend to return to the industry soon. He clarified that he doesn't have any idea as to why he is being chosen to do various projects and endorsements currently in the absence of John Lloyd.

The news received various feedback from social media users. People have mixed reactions and opinions about Jericho's thoughts on John Lloyd's circumstances.

There are some people who think that perhaps Jericho is just lucky for being in the same level of popularity as John Lloyd which is why he is bagging the projects that could possibly go to John Lloyd had he been in showbiz. However, most of the people think that Jericho is famous and respectable in his own right and that he worked hard enough to deserve everything that is being offered to him.

The interview that was featured in an article in the website Kami made a buzz online because of the intrigue that it was suspecting between John Lloyd and Jericho who are both big celebrities.

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