Jodi Sta. Maria bathes in the rain with her son Thirdy

Jodi Sta. Maria bathes in the rain with her son Thirdy.

Motherhood is one of the best roles that a woman can ever experience in her whole lifetime. A lot of women who have decided that they are for married life are looking forward to building their own families with the person that they have chosen to share their whole lives with. They are excited to have their own offspring to whom they can exhaust all their energy just to raise. To raise their offspring who are like little versions of themselves will probably give them the satisfaction that they have been longing for in their entire life.

The bond of a woman with her children is one of the tightest relationships. They say that it is because of the 9 months that they spent with each other when the mother was still carrying the child in her womb. Mothers have a very strong attachment to their family. This is why in most cases of broken families, the mother still contests her right over the children. Their love for their partners may eventually end but a mother's love for her offspring is definitely on a deeper level.

Jodi Sta. Maria is one of the most popular female celebrities in the country. She is one of the homegrown talents of the ABS-CBN TV network station. She is an alumna of the 7th batch of artists from Star Magic which is the exclusive talent management and development agency of the Kapamilya network. She immediately became famous after entering show business when she joined the cast of the teen-oriented TV series "Tabing Ilog" which was a big hit back in the 90s. Since then, she has been enjoying a great run in her career and she is still a famous actress up until this generation. She still has a lot of TV projects and brand endorsements.

Jodi has been through a couple of relationships. In her relationship with her first spouse, they had a son named Thirdy. Jodi took custody of him when their marriage broke apart. She took full responsibility for her son as a single mother. The relationships of Jodi after her first husband has to embrace her son as well if they want to really have a relationship with her.

Recently, a video of Jodi Sta. Maria is circulating all over the internet. The video became a trending topic after people watched how she had fun with her son.

Lately, various parts of the Philippines have been experiencing some rain. While it had some negative effects on the lives of some people, others took this opportunity to enjoy the sudden downpour.

Jodi Sta. Maria is one of those celebrities who seems to have enjoyed the rain. She went out of her house together with her son Thirdy to play in the rain. The two had fun playing outdoors in the middle of the bad weather.

The video caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and opinions about how Jodi spends her time with Thirdy.

A lot of people enjoyed watching the video. They were touched with how Jodi spent her free time to play with her son Thirdy under the rain. They think that she is a really sweet parent who still finds time to enjoy with her son despite her busy schedule in the show business industry.

The video that was uploaded by the account The PINOY Channel on the famous video streaming site YouTube amused a lot of people especially the fans of Jodi Sta. Maria.

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