Jose Manalo has now expanded his career to TV directing

Jose Manalo has now expanded his career to TV directing.

There is a popular saying which states that nothing in this world is permanent except for change. True enough, everything in this world won't last for forever as they are bound to experience change at several points in their existence. Change may be a bit scary for some especially because it usually entails adapting to something new and unfamiliar to your former self, however, people should learn to embrace change. It is one of the things that makes life more exciting and worth living. It provides variety in the circumstances of every individual who are on their personal journey in life.

There are a lot of people who don't like change especially those in the workforce. They think that their present situation at work is already good enough for them to still have to adapt to some changes. People, most especially those who have a very favorable situation in their workplace refuse to accept changes especially if it threatens their comfort. People working in the show business industry are some of the highest-paid people and they have a lot of rewards and privileges. They receive a lot of perks and benefits for the work that they do in the show business and entertainment industry.

Celebrities work very hard for their career. They have somehow developed a fondness for their craft in showbiz and continuously further their knowledge and experience in it. It is not surprising though because they will really have to make an effort to maintain their career and job in showbiz because it is one of the most promising opportunities especially in terms of compensation. For this reason, it is quite unthinkable for a celebrity to leave the job that they already have in the show business industry. However, there are still those who will let go of this great privilege just to pursue something else.

There are also cases that celebrities just choose to welcome change by embracing a new interest. They then try to balance this with their present career in showbiz. One of these celebrities is Jose Manalo. Jose Manalo is a famous comedian and actor in the Philippines. He is well-known for his hosting stint in the longest-running noontime variety show in the country "Eat Bulaga!" which has already become a noontime habit in most Filipino households.

Recently, there has been news that Jose Manalo will already be expanding his skill set to a new task. He will be trying out a new career path although it would still be in the show business industry. The news became a trending topic as people wondered what his new job will be.

On July 28, the longest-running noontime variety show "Eat Bulaga!" will be celebrating its 40th year on television. For that, they will be offering a horror television movie titled "Ang Pamana" which will star most of the hosts of the variety show. There is still no news if this television movie will be live on air just like the "Kalyeserye" segment or will it be taped.

Jose Manalo won't be a part of this television movie as an actor because he will be the one directing it. This is his first project as a TV director and will also be his time to showcase his talent for directing.

The news caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and opinions about this new career venture of Jose Manalo.

A lot of people were surprised about Jose's new job. They praised the actor for bravely challenging himself to add something new to his long list of skills. They are hoping that his first project would turn out to be a success and they are hoping to see him doing more projects in the future.

The news featured in a video that was uploaded by the channel Mr. Tsismoso on the popular video streaming platform YouTube shocked a lot of people especially the fans of Jose Manalo.

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