Julia Montes’ shows engagement ring on her recent Instagram post

Julia Montes’ shows engagement ring on her recent Instagram post.

Almost everyone who is living on the surface of the earth has a dream in their life. There are some who aspires to have the ideal living, a career that can sustain all your needs and the needs of your family, a partner who can be with you all throughout your life, someone who will never leave you and will understand you for who and what you are. A person who will be there for you through thick and thin. Someone who will love you as much as you love them and will stick around you until your last breath on earth.

Every one of us dreams to have the perfect wedding and family. We want to make sure that we can do our best to fulfill all our dreams in life that is why most of us work hard and exert effort on the things that we do. But looking for someone to spend your life with is not that easy. You will go through a lot of pain before you can say that spending your life with that someone is all worth it. You are the only one who can say that the person is a perfect fit for your life. Besides, you are the one who will be with them for a lifetime.

Once you get to find that someone who you are ready to spend your lifetime with, all things and pain will all be worth it. But of course, before you spend your lifetime with, you'll get to be in a relationship with them and make it worth it.

When the time comes, you can now tie the knot in marriage, and forever stand in the side of the person who you love. There are a lot of exciting things that people are looking forward to in your future together. The marriage is one of the biggest things in spending your life with a person.

But before that, we are also looking forward to the engagement of two people who are in love and especially, the ring that a man would give her a woman. Girls will always be girls, they will love fancy things, but whatever ring it is, as long as their partner gave it to them, it does not matter for them.

It is the thought that counts anyway. And as much as most women are excited to share that they got engaged, there are a lot of ways where they can share their excitement. One is social media. They can share the good news through a photo and a caption about it.

Just like how the phenomenal actress, Julia Montes got so excited to let the people and her fans see that she is already engaged. It was a beautiful diamond ring that she posted on her IG stories.

According to a video on YouTube, Julia Montes made all the people go gaga as they saw the photo that she posted on her IG stories. A lot of people saw that it was an engagement ring based on how it looks like on it. There are a lot of speculations that she is about to get married to the phenomenal star, Coco Martin.

But little did we know that she is not engaged to any person at all. She was wearing an engagement ring for a television series that she is currently working for and it was required to wear it in a scene. So, yes she is still available and not yet to be married to any other guy except on her teleserye.

People had been going crazy, and they are sharing their comments and sentiments about her post on YouTube.

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