A funny video of Karen Reyes on social media attracted a lot of attention

A funny video of Karen Reyes on social media attracted a lot of attention.

The lives of people nowadays have become quite tiring. Since everything in this world comes at a price, people have pushed themselves to work hard in order to earn money. They try to make an effort just to afford their needs and wants. Nowadays, a lot of people have really become materialistic, and so they exhaust themselves just to have the capability of buying the things that they want to possess. Because of this, they wear themselves out and they experience stress that may pose some unwanted issues and concerns to their health and overall well-being.

As people go through their daily lives, they get tired and stressed. Because of this, people have this need to be amused and entertained. These are beneficial to their well being as it will keep them sane through the hard times in their life. Amusement and entertainment take them away for a brief moment from the things that apply stress to their body, mind, and heart. It plays a great role in balancing their health so that it doesn't lean towards negative situations. Amusement and entertainment is something that most people look forward to because it is usually fun and relaxing, unlike they daily habits.

There are many forms of amusement and entertainment. Before, people are used to doing recreational activities especially those that are done outdoors. It involves a lot of physical activity and personal interaction with other people. That was back then when life was still simple and manual. Nowadays, with the advancements that are happening in the world, the forms of recreation have also developed. A lot of them are technology related and can be done even in the comforts of one's own home and even in a room. However, the most proven and effective of all the types of amusement is just getting a good laugh. There is even a popular saying that goes "laughter is the best medicine" which implies that laughter can really make anyone feel better whatever his or her circumstances are.

Lately, a lot of people are amused by the trend that is making waves on social media. The trend is called the "Kiki Dance Challenge" which calls for people to step out of their moving vehicles just to dance to the beat of Drake's song "In My Feelings" while the vehicle keeps on moving. Many people have answered the call to do the challenge and many others have been amused by the posts of these people.

Recently, a video of Karen Reyes doing the dance challenge circulated all over the internet. The video became viral as people laughed because of what happened.

Karen is one of the well-known celebrities in the country. She made headlines just recently after getting married to Silent Sanctuary's vocalist Sarkie Sarangay. Some days ago, she became a trending topic again after her "Kiki Dance Challenge" video was seen.

In the video, it was seen that she was doing the dance challenge. He had a good start, however, a few moments into the video, she tripped while moving alongside the car which was slowly moving forward.

The video attracted a lot of feedback from social media users. People expressed their reactions and opinions about Karen's version of the dance.

A lot of people were surprised after the funny part in the video appeared. They think that the dance challenge was quite hard to do especially because of the circumstances that should be observed. However, a lot of people were still entertained by videos o people doing it, especially that of Karen's who got almost fell down on the ground.

The video that was uploaded on Karen's personal account in the popular social networking site Instagram made a huge buzz on the internet as people, most especially her fans, witnessed the funny moment of Karen Reyes.

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