The "Shiggy Dance Challenge" of various celebrities attracts attention online

The "Shiggy Dance Challenge" of various celebrities attracts attention online.

Social media is probably one of the greatest innovations that technology has brought into the world. It is one of the many fruits of science that was able to greatly impact the lives of human beings. It has a lot of benefits that contributed to the advancement of the people's way of living. It has also somehow managed to make the lives of people easier by aiding them in some of their everyday tasks. It has also connected a lot of people regardless of their location on the planet. It's as if the whole world fits on the hand of a person because of everything that social media has offered to the life of every individual.

One of the many functions of social media is being able to broadcast to a wide audience. The social networking aspect of social media allows people to be able to immediately reach tons of people with just a few clicks, taps, and swipes. This particular function is mostly used by people in order to let other people know about their emotions, sentiments, and opinions about a particular topic. It is also used to broadcast a particular information that may be of use to somebody. Aside from valuable and useful information, social media has also been an important factor in setting the trends worldwide.

There are many aspects to a person's life that can be affected by a particular trend. These trends are influences that people acquired from an external source. In most cases, the source is social media. There are various trends that became a nationwide phenomenon with the help of social media. Various things achieve trending status whenever people on social networking sites share them to their connections and communities on social media. This would then immediately spread until it has fully become viral. By then a lot of people have already known about it and sometimes they would even take part in it.

Recently, a new trend is making a buzz on the internet and it was able to hook some celebrities as well. The video footage of the celebrities' performances became a trending topic as people entertained themselves by watching them.

Lately, a lot of people are doing the "Shiggy Dance Challenge" where they are challenged to step out of the passenger seat of a car and leave the door open as they dance outside to the tune of Drake's new song "In My Feelings" while the car is slowly moving forward. Although the feat is quite hard to do, a lot of people still participated in this new trend even famous celebrities.

Ronnie Alonte who is quite a talented dancer didn't hesitate to the challenge. His friends even came out to celebrate with him when he was able to successfully pull off the dance challenge. Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara who is also quite known for her awesome dance moves didn't waste a single moment when her companion was already all set to take a video of her doing the challenge. The newest Kapusos star AC Bonifacio also didn't back down as she danced outside their car while it was about to leave the parking area of a certain establishment. Jane Oineza also did the challenge although the car was only stationary as it seems that she might not be able to keep dancing if the vehicle starts moving just like what people usually do.

THere were also some celebrities who did the dance challenge even if they weren't in a car. IƱigo Pascual and Donnalyn Bartolome dance together while they were in the dressing room. Although it was noticeable that the young actor only forced Donnalyn to dance. Chienna Filomeno also showed her dance moves beside a big red firetruck which is probably a compensation for not having a moving car around with them. Bela Padilla also did the dance in the comforts of her own home.

The video earned a lot of feedback from social media users. People especially the fans of the celebrities had some reactions and comments about their idols' performances.

A lot of people were amused with watching their idol celebrities dance to the new hit dance craze. Although some of them think that this new challenge is quite challenging to do because of the conditions that should be fulfilled, some still think that those doing it are quite amazing.

The video that was uploaded by the account Letezias on the popular video streaming platform YouTube entertained a lot of people, especially those who are actively browsing their social networking accounts.

What can you say about his new trending dance craze? We hope you liked the article. Thank you for reading.

Credits: YouTube

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