Kim Chiu and Dennis Trillo will be starring in a new movie

Kim Chiu and Dennis Trillo will be starring in a new movie.

Love and romance are some of the most interesting topics nowadays. A lot of people, most especially those from the younger generations, are so engrossed in things and topics related to love and romance. Everywhere in the world today, the message of love in all its various forms are being echoed so that the people may be able to observe and apply them in their lives. However, to most people, it seems that this message translates wrongly as they only perceive love as something romantic between two persons. Many people think that love is only about having an intimate relationship.

The show business and entertainment industry made use of this knowledge about the interest of the people about love in order to draw their attention. The industry tries to incorporate love and romance into almost everything that they show on mainstream and social media. They try to put the idea of love for various things so that people may be able to relate and they may be able to elicit some response from them. Celebrities who are known to be some of those who are capable of influencing the public try to use their popularity in order to draw the interest of the people in their media activities.

Show business has come up with many love teams in order to attract the fancy of their audience especially the young people who are so enthusiastic when it comes to love and romance. They paired up some iconic celebrities with people that they will seem to look good in. There have been a lot of love teams that have been known in the local showbiz scene. Their undeniable chemistry has already hooked a lot of people who turned into their fans. Some of them even became real-life couples because of the connection that they were able to establish for being an on-screen couple.

For this year, there are still a lot of movies that are to be shown in the local cinema scene. One of the most awaited is the Regal film which will be top-billed by Dennis Trillo and Kim Chiu who are both popular celebrities in the country. Dennis Trillo is one of the most famous leading men in all of Philippine showbiz. Kim Chiu, on the other hand, is also a big star who is well-known for her excellent portrayal of every role that she plays whether in television series or films.

Recently, news about the possible love team pairing of Kim and Dennis made rounds all over the internet. The news became a trending topic as people saw teaser posts of their movie.

Dennis and Kim will be teaming up with each other for the movie "One Great Love" which will be produced by Regal Films. The movie will be directed by Eric Quizon.

The teaser promotional posters for the movie already revealed the names of the characters that they will be playing. Kim Chiu will be playing the character named Zyra will Dennis will be portraying the role of Ian who seems to be some kind of medical practitioner based on his getup in the picture.

The photos earned a lot of feedback from social media users. People reacted and gave their opinions about the promotional photos of the movie.

A lot of people think that the two look good together. They think that the two will be able to work well with each other since both are acting professionals. They are hoping that the two will have chemistry with each other.

The Instagram photos that were featured on the entertainment website Fashion Pulis made a buzz online as it excited people for the upcoming movie of the two celebrities.

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