Xian Lim celebrates his birthday with Kim Chiu

Xian Lim celebrates his birthday with Kim Chiu.

There are a lot of special holidays and occasions that people celebrate yearly, but among all of them, the birthday is probably the most well celebrated. According to a popular quote by the American writer Mark Twain, "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why". With that being said, the birthday is indeed one of the most important events in a person's life. It is that fated day when you are born into this world for a particular purpose that you will have to find out as you go through the course of your life.

Celebrating one's birthday is best done together with the people who are closest to you. These people are those who have made a significant impact on your life. One's birthday guest list may change every year though since people come and go in a person's life but the constants will be there in most of the birthday that you will celebrate. These people are your family who has always been there for you from the very beginning, the genuine friends that you have acquired in various points in your life, and lastly, the relationship partner (only if you already have one).

Xian Lim is one of the most famous male celebrities in the country. He is an American-born Filipino citizen with Chinese genes. He is one of the actors that women love who possess an irresistible handsomeness. It seems that the mix of multiple races in his body had a good chemistry which produced the good-looking man that he is. He became famous for his stint in various TV series and film projects. Apart from acting, he is also a TV host and presenter and a commercial model. Currently, he is quite busy enjoying the sport that he first loved which is basketball as he plays for the city of Mandaluyong in the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League.

Currently, Xian is romantically involved with the actress Kim Chiu. The two have been dating for quite a long time already but they chose to keep mum about their real status. However, a lot of people are really suspecting that they are already in a relationship with each other because of the closeness that they publicly show to everyone.

Xian is celebrating his birthday today but days before, Kim Chiu who is probably the closest person to him now has already celebrated his birthday in advance. Recently, there has been a series of posts on the couple's social networking accounts showing how they spent some time together to celebrate.

In the video, it can be seen that Xian Lim's basketball team was aware of his birthday as they sung the happy birthday song altogether for him while they were on the court. Kim Chiu also made some advance celebration plans as she went to Xian's house to surprise him. However, it seems that the viewers were more surprised after seeing what pet Xian has at home.

People were shocked when they saw that Xian owns a pet black panther which they called tiger in the video. It was sitting quietly while being patted on the head by Kim and Xian. After the surprise visit, it seems that the two decided to go out for dinner together with some people.

The video earned many reactions and opinions from social media users. People shared their feedback about the advance birthday celebration of Xian Lim together with his rumored girlfriend Kim Chiu.

A lot of people were shocked when they saw that Xian has a very unconventional house pet. They were surprised when the black panther was suddenly shown in the video. However, others took their attention to the sweetness of Xian and Kim who celebrated Xian's birthday in advance.

The video that was uploaded by the channel Pinas Idols on the popular video streaming site YouTube made a huge buzz all over social media because of the appearance of a ferocious animal in it.

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