Coco Martin's scene from Ang Probinsyano ignites hilarious reactions on social media

Coco Martin's scene from Ang Probinsyano ignites hilarious reactions on social media.

As a Filipino, most of us are into making sure that we spend our time together with our family because Filipinos are known to be family oriented. Many of us make sure that we get to be with our loved ones in our spare time, and if we do not have enough time for them, we will find and make time to see them and spend some time with them. But sometimes we are too tired, and we do not have much time and money to go out and make new memories outside our house with our family.

That is why most of us spend our times at home, sitting or lying around the television as we watch together. Many people gather around the living room and sit or lie in front of the tv to watch a television series or movies together this is one way to be with our family. One method for us to begin a conversation with them through the characters and the happening in the series. We get to converse with our siblings and our parents through watching our favorite television series together as a family.

Every family has their favorite television series that they watch every night as long as it is available. Most families eat earlier to make sure that they can watch it on its time slot. It is as if there is a silent agreement that everyone should keep quiet once the drama series starts to play on our tv screens.

Most families make watching tv a way for them to reunite and to be with each other every night. For most of us, it is one way that for us to make sure that we get to spend time together with them and to know that we are still living in the same old house despite the busy schedule of everyone.

There are a lot of movies and television series that a family can watch. There are Filipino and international movies, as well as a television series. But we consider everyone’s interest, and what your loved ones want to watch to make sure that all of you can relate to what is in front of you.

But there is one television series that is making every person love it because of the twist and the plot of the story. Many people are into the television series under the Kapamilya network that shows the life of a person and how he deals with her life.

Ang Probinsyano had been making a lot of people fall in love with the series over and over again as it has all the factors that many people want to see in a series. Recently, a lot of people had been going crazy as they watch an episode of the tv series that sparks hilarious reactions from those who are watching it.

According to PEP, they were able to collect the reactions of the people of the internet on how they reacted to one of the scenes in the television series. A lot of people had been waiting for the series to come to its end because it has been running for quite some time now.

But when they got to watch this episode most people got crazy about the sudden twist of events and how it turned out. Many people thought that it was the end of it, but it isn’t because of the turn of events that happened.

There are a lot of hilarious comments and post on different social media platforms that were put in one article by PEP.

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Credits: PEP

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