Kris Aquino shares a photo of a scene in a Hollywood movie where she made an appearance

Kris Aquino shares a photo of a scene in a Hollywood movie where she made an appearance.

Working for the show business and entertainment industry is one of the best jobs that a person can get. Showbiz provides a lot of opportunities for the people working in it to have a prosperous life. They give out great rewards and privileges that really helps improve the lives of the earners. Apart from this, they also get to be paid with a good amount of compensation that allows them to have some leniency in their budget allocations so that they may be able to enjoy some comfort in their lives and in their family's.

The celebrities are just a portion of the many people that work for the show business industry. Compared to those working behind-the-scenes, the celebrities are well-known by the viewing public. They are those who managed to attract some fame as they showcase their amazing talents and their outstanding appearance that many people admire and praise. These celebrities have somehow amassed a good number of fans who support their many endeavors especially when it comes to their career. They are the ones who managed to get a good run as they journey through their career. They were able to get a good life because they took good care of their reputation as a celebrity.

Celebrities may seem like they already have everything that they asked for, however, there are still a lot of things that they can aim for and are aiming for in their lives. Career-wise, famous celebrities have actually gone through a lot already and those experiences brought them to the peak of their career. Everyone, including celebrities, passes through milestones in their lives. Some of these milestones happen in their career. These milestones are markers of what they have achieved so far in their lives. For this reason, they really strive hard to be able to reach their goals.

One of the most popular celebrities in the country is Kris. She is even regarded as the "Queen of All Media" for her dominance in both mainstream and social media. She was also regarded as the "Queen of Talk" because of her stellar carer in TV hosting and presenting. Apart from these two, she has also showcased her amazing talent in acting as she top-billed a lot of top-grossing films.

Recently, there has been news about Kris becoming a part of a much-awaited movie that is circulating online. The news became a viral topic as people saw proofs of it.

The actress shared some snaps of her scene in the Hollywood movie "Crazy Rich Asians" which is a film adaptation of Kevin Kwan's novel of the same title.

Earlier on, she revealed that she has a very important cameo role in the movie although she wasn't able to give any proof of it.

She then shared snapshots of the scene where she will be appearing on her personal Instagram account. The people now have proof of her roles in the international movie that will be airing soon.

A lot of people were quite surprised when she showed the proof of her appearance in the movie. Most of them joined in on the hype after knowing that she was a part of it.

The IG posts which were featured in the video that was uploaded to the website Starbites Philippines made a huge buzz online after knowing that another Filipino has brought pride to the country.

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