Kris Aquino explains her side to a netizen who commented on her post

Kris Aquino explains her side to a netizen who commented on her post.

The world has had a big change as the years passed by. A lot of the things have improved from being simple and primitive into advanced and technological. Science has brought a lot of advancements to the world that has made the lifestyle of the people more efficient and easy. It has also made various improvements and the ways people communicate with each other through breakthrough inventions that can bridge the gap of people regardless of their distance between each other through the use of social networking websites and applications. Truly, the world right now has become more progressive and is continuously moving forward.

One of the innovations that science and technology have brought into this world is social media. It is a platform which enables the people to connect with other people online and gain access to a vast amount of information. Because of the nature of social media, a lot of people have used it for various purposes. It proved to be very beneficial to humans as it has a lot of uses. People used it mostly to communicate and to socialize with other people. It has also become a means to broadcast certain information that may be of importance to others. However, there is also a fair amount of disadvantages in using it.

Nowadays, social media has become quite toxic. There are a lot of feeds on the people's social networking accounts that are nonsense and aren't useful at all. There are also cases that social media has become an avenue for people to negatively criticize and hate on another person and some people would even go as far as making use of social media for their bad intentions that are harmful to another. Social media has also somehow empowered people to fear nothing and no one. This is why some celebrities and well-known personalities also go through these struggles even if they seem untouchable by the public.

Kris Aquino is one of the most popular personalities in the country. She is well known for her stellar carer in showbiz and for her great talent in hosting and TV presenting. She was hailed as the "Queen of All Media" because of her dominance in both mainstream and social media. She was also dubbed as the "Queen of Talk" opposite to Boy Abunda who is regarded as the "King of Talk" because of her outstanding stint in talk shows.

Recently, the famous actress got into an exchange of comments with a certain social media user. The snapshots of the comments section of the particular post became a trending topic as people watched how she defended herself from the criticisms of the commenter.

The "Queen of All Media" had a cameo appearance in the foreign movie "Crazy Rich Asians" which was an adaptation of the novel of the same title by Kevin Kwan. Her appearance in the film drew some comments from social media users, including some negative ones.

A certain Instagram made a comment on her post implying that she was only an extra in the movie for only getting a 5-second exposure. Another IG user quickly came to her defense and told the commenter to watch the film so that she may also get the gist of the actress' important role in the film. The iconic actress then followed with a lengthy comment explaining how important her role was and that people would be proud if they saw what her character's role in the movie was.

The exchange of comments earned the feedback from social media users. People had their reactions and opinions about the encounter between the actress and the IG user.

A lot of people were glad that the actress took some time to explain to the people how important her role in the movie is. People think that the basher deserves some eye roll for openly just posting hate comments on a famous actress post. Other people are hoping to watch the movie soon so that they may get what the actress meant in her comment.

The snapshot of the comments that was uploaded by the website Fashion Pulis attracted the interest of many people including the avid followers and fans of the "Queen of Talk".

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