Kris Aquino reveals the real reason as to why she made the movie "I Love You, Hater"

Kris Aquino reveals the real reason as to why she made the movie "I Love You, Hater".

The family is one of the most important things in a person's life. It is considered to be one of the most precious blessings to a person who is born into this world. The family is the first few people who would show genuine love and care for a person. They are the ones to whom a person can run to when almost everything in their lives has failed them. Here in the Philippines, families are very important for every citizen. It even reflects in the tradition and culture that the people still continue to observe till present.

In the Philippines, the value of close family ties is very much evident. In the family structure alone, one can already see how much Filipinos really pay so much importance to their families. Filipinos would usually live with their families even until they go beyond the legal age of independence unlike in other countries where one must already separate from his or her family once the person reaches the age of legality. Also, whenever there is an occasion, it also means that it would be a reunion as all family members, even those who you are not familiar with is invited.

Pinoys really love the idea of close family ties and this love is most of the times genuine. The relationships between family members may not be perfect, but when push comes to a shove, they would prove that their bonds are far greater than any adversary. This is why every family member is very important. Filipinos even have a culture of paying high respects to their ancestors and still keep them in their memories up till present time. They hold these people who have shown them what true love and care is close to their hearts which is why even if they no longer exist in this world, they would still reminisce about them and uphold their name.

Kris Aquino is one of the most famous personalities in the whole country. She hails from the well-known Aquino clan which has a lot of members who are popular in the whole country. Lately, she starred in a movie together with the phenomenal JoshLia love team formed by Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia.

Recently, a post by Kris Aquino is circulating all over the internet. The post became a trending topic as people finally found out her thoughts about their movie.

The movie "I Love You Hater" that premiered recently didn't seem to have yielded the successful result that the JoshLia tandem and Kris Aquino herself was expecting. Through Kris' Instagram post, she expressed her thoughts about the achievements of their movie and she also revealed her real reason for producing their latest movie.

According to her post, she said that she had to do the movie because doing so would grant her access to the video archives of ABS-CBN that contained footages of her and her sons together with their late grandmother. She said it was her only way to be able to share those memories with her children who can no longer spend time with their grandmother. However, she is owning up to the average performance of the movie in terms of views.

The post earned a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and comments about Kris Aquino's revelation.

A lot of people were surprised to know the real reason for the queen of all media. They didn't know that she had other matters that she was prioritizing as they produced the movie. They are hoping that she was able to fulfill her true purpose and that she and her children may enjoy the memories of her mother.

The IG post that was featured in the website Fashion PULIS informed the public especially the fans of the main cast of the movie "I Love You Hater" about their idols' sentiments.

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