Kris Aquino’ posts surprises many people on social media

Kris Aquino’ posts surprises many people on social media.

It is not easy for any of us to see the people we love in a not so well state. We all want the best for our loved ones, and we want them to be always well. We do not want to see our loved ones not feeling good and not doing good in any aspect of their life. It would give us heartache to see them that way that is why many of us make sure that we get in touch with them and make them feel important in every way and help them in anything in the extent that we can.

It may be our friends, our family, or our partner in life that could be in this state or condition but because we love them we will be by their side for support, and to give them the love that they need. We don’t like to leave them hanging in times of need and in times when they need us by their side. And this is the exact feeling that our parents have for us whenever we are feeling down and not so well in life or health. They feel like they need to protect you no matter what.

Our parents are the first one who will be there to support us in everything that we do. They always have our back whatever happens as long as they can and as long as they are by our side. They will never leave us whatever happens. 

But most especially, our mother will be the first ones who will support us and who will take care of us no matter what. They were the first person who helps us to grow up starting from the first day we are in their womb. They gave us much love and attention that we need as a kid.

Most moms are overprotective of their kids. They do not like their kids to be in a condition that can bring them well. Mothers want to make sure that we are always safe wherever we are. They want to know that we are well and doing well because they will think much if we are not going to be well.

Once they get to know that we are not in well condition and state, they will come running to us to make sure that they would take care of us however they are doing, we are their priority.

Just like how the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino make sure that her kids are well and in the best state that they could ever be as long as she is by their side, there will be no one who can ever make them feel not wanted and loved.

According to a series of Instagram post by the Queen of All Media, her first-born Joshua Aquino is in a condition that she does not want to see him. The actress shared a series of photos and videos where she wrote down how Josh is doing.

Based on what she has written on the post, the three of them are in Hongkong when Josh started to hiccups nonstop for eight hours, she began to be bothered by that fact, and later they knew that it was because of a stomach problem.

A lot of people are sharing their comments and sentiments about the post, and they keep themselves updated by looking into the actress post through her Instagram account.

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