Kyline Alcantara does the Shiggy Dance Challenge

Kyline Alcantara does the Shiggy Dance Challenge.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools that humans have brought into this world. It is one of the things that has revolutionized the world and has advanced the ways of living of the whole human race. Social media has affected the lives of every person in the world both in good and bad ways. Using it gives people a lot of advantages, but it also has its own fair share of side disadvantages and side effects. Whatever the case may be, we cannot deny the fact that it has played a great role in making people's lives and duties a lot easier and more convenient.

One of the many uses of social media is to broadcast to a wide audience. Because of that particular function, information has become more accessible to every person who has a social media account. With just a few clicks, taps, and swipes one can easily hold the whole world on the top of his or her hands. This has been very useful especially for people who want to reach a big audience. Through social networking, they can easily connect with many people. It has even become an avenue for people to share their thoughts about every topic that can be discussed.

Because of the feature of social media to easily broadcast to a wide audience, it has become a medium that is used to set the trends worldwide. Through social media, a lot of trends have become known to the public. Because of this, many people have been actively joining and participating in the trends that have risen from different parts of the world. With the use of social networking, people have publicly shown their participation in the various acts which quickly made it viral and attain trending status. There have been a lot of trends that rose to popularity all over the world thanks to social media.

Some of the most viral trends lately are dance challenges. The mechanics of this particular trend is for people to dance to a particularly popular song while considering a certain circumstance or dance step. One of the most viral lately is the Shiggy Dance Challenge where a person must step down from the passenger seat of the car and keep the door open as he or she dances to Drake's new song "Keke Do You Love Me?" while moving forward together with the car which is moving very slowly.

Recently, rising young celebrity Kyline Alcantara participated in the dance challenge. Her dance became a trending topic as people watched how good she really is at dancing.

It happened during a normal day in Kyline's life. She seems to be with a friend that day who was driving their car while she was on the young celebrity was one the passenger seat.

Kyline showed off her dancing skills for a brief moment as she stepped out of the car to do the Shiggy Dance Challenge. She did a great job at dancing as she was also able to incorporate some of the iconic steps of the song such as the heart sign on the chest.

The video caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and opinions about the video of Kyline's dance.

Although there were some who thinks that there are a lot better versions of the dance challenge by other dancers, a lot of people still praised Kyline's amazing dance moves. They admired Kyline's talent in dancing and her ability to maintain her beauty and charm while doing so despite the rather stressful situation of dancing beside a moving car.

The video that was uploaded by the account The PINOY Channel on the popular video streaming site YouTube really amused a lot of people especially the fans of Kyline Alcantara.

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Credits: YouTube

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