Kathryn and Liza spotted wearing the same getup

Kathryn and Liza spotted wearing the same getup.

The show business and entertainment industry have become an effective agent in spreading a certain trend. Whenever a new trend arises, it becomes even more viral when celebrities and well-known figures join the bandwagon. This is the same for fashion trends. Stylists and fashions designers implore the aid of celebrities in order to make their creations popular. They take advantage of their fame and huge fanbase in order to make their creations known. Whenever they want to set a new fashion trend, they get celebrities to model for their creations so that their artistic works may rapidly spread to a wide audience.

Kathryn Bernardo is one of the most popular young celebrities at present. She is an iconic personality that is looked up to by many people. She is not only a successful actress but a CEO of her own company as well. She is the other half of the phenomenal love team KathNiel together with the "Teen King" Daniel Padilla. She has a big fan base because of her alluring charm and because of her chemistry with her love team partner. With her popularity, she has also become one of the biggest trendsetters in the showbiz industry and in the world of fashion.

Just like Kathryn, Liza Soberano is also one of the most famous young celebrities today. She was known by many for her exceptional skill in acting but most of all, because of her internationally acclaimed beauty. She has been the topic of some talks recently because of her comparison with a member of a rising K-pop group called Momoland. She was compared with the member Nancy Jewel McDonie who, according to many, shares some resemblance with. Because of her popularity, a lot of brands have taken her as a model. She has been an effective promoter of various companies, especially in the fashion industry.

Recently, there were photos of Kathryn and Liza wearing the same getup that surfaced on the internet. The photos became viral as people argued about who wore the attire better.

An Instagram user uploaded a photo of Liza Soberano and Kathryn Bernardo wearing the same clothes. The photos were separate but the uploader edited it and placed them side-by-side with each other.

In the photos, it was shown that the two were wearing the same style. They had the exact same floral skirt but the other pieces of clothing were just similar. They both wore their own blacktop, their own black jacket, and the two wore different sandals.

It seems that the uploader was trying to compare Liza and Kathryn's style. The person was successful tho as people started sharing their thoughts about the comparison.

The Instagram photo caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People had their own reactions and opinions about the comparison of the two young actresses.

Some people think that Liza was more gorgeous and charming than Kathryn as she wore the getup. However, Kathrynn's fans didn't give up as they argued that their idol wore the particular getup better and that she was more comfortable and confident in rocking the attire.

The Instagram photo that was featured on the website Fashion PULIS really began some arguments between fans.

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Credits: Fashion Pulis

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