Liza Soberano's video amazed many people on social media

Liza Soberano's video amazed many people on social media. 

All people dream to have a bright life in the future. We want to have the life that we dreamt off ever since we are kids. Many of us imagine having a house as big as a castle, a luxurious car that they can drive from their work to their home. Most of us also fancy having a career where we can balance our lives with it and the things that we love to do. Of course, as kids, we want to have everything that we have in mind and the dreams that we have for us to reach in the future. 

But as we grow up, we start to think about the things that we can reach within our hands. We begin to mature and know that we cannot attain all the dreams we have in our minds. We start to realize that we should keep our heads on the game, and know that the visions we have are not that easy to reach and we should do a lot of things to attain it. We get to see that we should not be that dreamy and start to be working ourselves out to have the dreams we have.

As we grow up, we learn that we need to face the reality of life. We need to make sure that we are doing our best and we are helping ourselves reach the goals that we set when we were still a kid. As we grow up, we will get to know that there are a lot of things for us.

We start to realize that we need to build a family of ourselves and find someone that we can spend the rest of your life. We need to find someone who will be with us no matter what we do and no matter who we are.

Many of us dream to have a family where we will be able to enjoy the rest of our life with for the future. We believe to be with the best person who will be with us, and when we are already with them, we get to think about the kids that we will have in the future.

As we dream to have kids in the future, we start to think about the names that we will give them. There are some who mix their names with their loved ones to create. There are some who search over the internet to find one that they would like the best. But there are some who copy the name of their partner or add some other to them.

Just like how the phenomenal star, Liza Soberano answered in a video. Liza Soberano is one of the most beautiful faces in the industry she is quite well-known by almost all people in the world. She is paired up with the actor, Enrique Gil and a lot of people think that the two of them are already together.

According to an Instagram video, the actress answered the question that was thrown at her by her co-star, Dimples Romana. Dimples asked Liza about the names of her kids in the future, and her answer was so hilarious as she did not think much about it.

Liza answered the name of Enrique if her kids are going to be a boy and Enriqueta if it will be a baby girl. They were laughing too much, and you will be able to see that they are having much fun with their topic. 

A lot of people had been talking about the photo ad they cannot seem to stop from laughing at her answer, and they are sharing their comments and sentiments on Instagram.

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