Paolo Ballesteros reveals a very important detail about the new Coco-Vic movie

Paolo Ballesteros reveals a very important detail about the new Coco-Vic movie.

Working in the show business and entertainment industry makes your world smaller. Although the industry is quite big, the network of connections between the people working in it makes it seem like everything is within reach. Everyone in showbiz is somewhat connected to everyone else because of the acquaintances that they make whenever they have to work for specific projects. There may be networks and broadcasting channels that divide the industry into particular groups that compete with each other, however, these networks are also the only places where they can work at. And so transferring from one company to the other is what propagates the network of connections between the people.

As such, there are also various acquaintances and relationships that are built within the people in the industry. This works most especially for the celebrities who get to have an opportunity to work all around the industry and get to know a lot of other people regardless of their network station. As these celebrities become friends with each other, they both open up and become vulnerable to each other. Sometimes, they even share secret information with each other that many people especially the viewing public are not aware of. This is why whenever the fans want to know or confirm something about their idols, they try to fish it out from their idol's good friends in the industry.

In the show business and entertainment industry, one of the top secret information that celebrities have are the upcoming and future projects of a celebrity. The people in showbiz love to surprise their fans and viewers. Sometimes, they make use of the issues and controversies that the people hear about. Another method that they do is by really keeping some important information and details about the celebrities and their projects. Through this, they are able to satiate the desire of the fans to be more interested in their idols' endeavors.

One of the most popular celebrity friendships is that of Paolo Ballesteros, Maine Mendoza, Jose Manalo, and Wally Bayola. These four are a part of the longest-running noontime variety show "Eat Bulaga!" wherein they are the co-hosts of a particular segment titled "All for One, One for All: Bayanihan of D' Pipol" that is usually set out of the studio and on the streets.

Recently, Paolo revealed a certain detail for the upcoming movie of "Bossing" Vic and Coco Martin. The news became a trending topic as people found out Maine Mendoza's involvement in the movie.

Lately, there has been leaked information that Coco Martin will be working with Vic Sotto for an MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) movie later this year. Since the news started to spread, a lot of people started to look forward to details about the film.

In one of Paolo's video posts on his personal social networking account, he answered some questions of his followers to him. One particular social media user asked if Maine will be starring in Coco and Vic's movie. Paolo didn't have any second thoughts as he admitted that Maine will definitely be a part of the cast of the upcoming film.

Paolo's post attracted a lot of feedback from social media users. People reacted and gave their opinions about the leaked information.

A lot of people got so excited after hearing that Maine will also be a part of the movie. They are wondering what will Maine's role in the movie will be. Some are hoping that she will be the love team of a famous actor and probably even of Coco Martin.

Paolo's post featured in a video that was uploaded by the channel Showbiz Trends Viral on the popular video streaming site YouTube surprised a lot of fans and made them very excited for the movie to start showing in cinemas so that they can already watch.

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