Romnick Sarmenta reveals something about Kris Aquino

Romnick Sarmenta reveals something about Kris Aquino.

One of the many things that a person can ever do in his or her lifetime is to be able to build relationships with other people. To be able to form a bond with other people is one of the best things that could ever happen to a person. Having great people around you that would accompany you in the journey through life is one of the most amazing feelings that one can ever experience here in this world. This is why a lot of people are actually excited to be able to make a connection with other people especially those that seem friendly to them.

There is an environmental principle which states that everything is connected to everything else. It's an idea that everything in this world is actually interconnected and that everything is somewhat to everything else. However, it seems that this principle doesn't only apply to the environment but also to the social aspect. With the advancements that happened nowadays, the world has become smaller. People will somehow be able to find a particular connection to every acquaintance that they have. It's almost like a magical feeling when you find out that you actually have a common friend even to the new people that you would just meet.

It is common to hear the line "what a small world" whenever you meet a person and find out that you share a mutual friend with each other. It's as if the world conspired to connect your lives together through that particular binding force that you both share. This would then be the start of a wider network as you get acquainted with the people in that person's life, just as that person would to yours. With that, the world has simply become even smaller and you have been given a new opportunity to be able to expand your relationships.

Such is the case of Kris Aquino. She used to be in a romantic relationship with former actor Herbert Bautista. Because of that, she has also been acquainted with the guy's family most especially to his sister Harlene Bautista - Sarmenta who was also a popular actress back in the past. Harlene is the wife of her co-celebrity back then who is Romnick Sarmenta. As such, Kris is now also acquainted with Romnick.

Recently, Romnick revealed something about Kris and his revelation circulated all over the internet. The news became a trending topic as people wanted to find out what Romnick has to say.

According to Romnick, he doesn't talk casually with Kris even if they are somehow connected because of the people that they love and because both of them are from the show business industry. He also admitted that the only time that he was able to converse with the Queen of All Media is when her show asked him to be the guest.

However, Romnick also did mention that the Queen of Talk has a lot of conversation with his wife Harlene and she doesn't want to share them with him. He said that it was probably some female topic which is why they opted to keep it a secret from him.

The news caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People had mixed reactions and opinions about what Romnick exposed.

A lot of people were quite surprised that Kris is still maintaining her relationships with other people. They were also touched by the fact that Kris bears no ill-regard to her rumored suitor in the past which is Herbert and to his relatives and friends who have also become acquaintances to Kris as well.

The news featured on a video that was uploaded by the channel named World Viral attracted a lot of interest especially the fans of Kris Aquino.

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