Ryzza Mae Dizon enjoys some fun moments with Miguel Tanfelix

Ryzza Mae Dizon enjoys some fun moments with Miguel Tanfelix.

Celebrities are very busy people. The show business and entertainment industry have so many demands to them and as a part of their job, they have to comply and go through all of them. They have a very tough schedule that is composed of many activities that are related to their job as a celebrity. And then there are still activities that they do for their own well-being and for their own personal lives. This makes them appear like they are only busy with their careers and that they have no more time for other things not related to showbiz.

Contrary to the belief mentioned above, celebrities actually have personal lives and they do things there that are not related to their job in the show business industry. They also have rest days from work which they spend with their family, friends, and just to enjoy the things that they want to do but cannot when they are busy with work. Some people are even quite surprised when they see their favorite idols doing things that ordinary people do. They are shocked to see that they too are humans just like everyone else. Some even like to show to the public the things that they do on a normal day so that people may understand that they also have private lives.

Ryzza Mae Dizon and Miguel Tanfelix are among the most popular young celebrities in the GMA network station. Ryzza is a child star who is known for her great talent in acting and hosting while Miguel is quite popular for his skills in dancing and acting. Both of them didn't get into the show business and entertainment industry by a mere stroke of luck. Both of them worked really hard to score a career in showbiz that both of them are enjoying right now.

Ryzza Mae became popular after joining the famous Little Miss Philippines segment of the longest-running noontime show "Eat Bulaga!" where she was crowned as the grand winner back in 2012. On the other hand, Miguel joined the reality talent search StarStruck Kids and somehow emerged as the winner of it.

Recently, a video of Miguel and Ryzza having some fun with each other is circulating all over the internet. The video became a trending topic as people watched how the two spends their time while they are not yet busy.

In the video, it was seen that Ryzza Mae and Miguel seems to be dubbing an audio that is being played in the background. They were also acting in accordance to the situation in of the dialogue in the audio.

The two seems to be enjoying their time as they played along with what was being played in the video. It looks like they were doing it at the backstage while they weren't busy yet.

The video got a lot of feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about Ryzza Mae and Miguel's video.

A lot of people were amused by the funny video of Ryzza and Miguel. They are glad to know that celebrities like them still finds the time to have some fun with each other even when they are at work.

The video that was posted on the popular video streaming website YouTube by the channel SIKAT TRENDZ really entertained a lot of people most especially the fans of Ryzza Mae and Miguel.

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