Sarah Geronimo catches Matteo's shirt

Sarah Geronimo catches Matteo's shirt.

The show business and entertainment industry are filled with a lot of controversies, rumors, and intrigues. Most of them target celebrities and artists that are well-known to people. These issues may be based from various sources that put so much color into every little thing about them. It may be about any aspect of the lives of the targeted celebrity. Usually, the biggest issues arise from the romantic relationships of these people. The showbiz industry is a small world where celebrities may get involved with any other celebrity which is why a lot of intrigues come from this particular aspect in the career of a celebrity.

Sarah Geronimo is one of the most popular personalities in the whole showbiz industry. She began her career as a singer after winning the talent-search competition "Star for a Night" when she was just 14 years old. She became a contributor to the music scene as made several songs that have become quite famous at present like "Forever's Not Enough", "Tala", and "Kilometro". She eventually became a famous actress as well and she top-billed several blockbuster movies such as "A Very Special Love", "You Changed My Life", "The Breakup Playlist", and "Finally Found Someone".

As a very big personality in showbiz, Sarah has become the topic of many controversies, intrigues, and issues in her long career. One of the greatest controversies that came her way was being involved with Matteo Guidicelli. For a long time in history, the two have been publicly showing their affection for each other without any confirmation of what the real score between them is. However, the two of them made headlines just last year when Matteo finally admitted that they are actually in a relationship with each other. This news made a huge buzz online as people finally confirmed that the two are now a real-life couple.

Just recently, a video of Matteo Guidicelli in a particular event is circulating online. The video became a trending topic as people watched how Sarah responded to Matteo's act on the runway.

The event where Matteo was modeling is the launching of his collaboration with fashion designer Avel Bacudio. The two collaborated on what they call Easy Jeans which is a collection of limited edition ripped denim pants.

As a collaborator, Matteo lent his flaunt-worthy body to the brand by being its model. As such, in the launching of the fashion line, he ruled the runway as he sported some of the limited-edition pants that they have come up with.

While he was on the runway, he did a particular act that made the women go crazy. He took off his shirt and threw it to the audience to show off his amazing body figure. However, people were surprised that he was actually targeting his throw to her girlfriend Sarah Geronimo who was seated just in front of the stage.

The YouTube video gained a lot of feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about what happened in the video.

A lot of people, most especially the women, shared in Sarah's excitement that was very much evident in the video. They were all dazzled by Matteo's muscular body figure that was exposed when he took off his shirt.

The video that was uploaded by the channel Trendz Today in the popular video streaming platform YouTube really caused a commotion among the female social media users.

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