Sarah Geronimo's photo attracted a lot of reactions and comments from social media users

Sarah Geronimo's photo attracted a lot of reactions and comments from social media users.

Birthdays are one of the most special occasions that are celebrated yearly. It commemorates the birth of a certain person in the world to have a journey through life. Annually, a person gets older whenever his date of birth comes. This is a reason to celebrate for they have successfully survived a year and they will be welcoming another one which they would hopefully survive as well. People have various ways of celebrating this occasion. Some choose to have an eat-out together with the whole family and some close friends. Others would invite people into their home where they will be preparing a feast that everyone may enjoy.

Celebrities are well-known public figures and as such, they celebrate their birthday a bit different from the ordinary people. Although the mainstays such as good food and companions are still there, they have other things to consider as well such as their fans, their schedule, their shows, their publicity, and their privacy. Most celebrities would celebrate their birthdays in an unusual manner. Some would go to a charity foundation and celebrate their birthday with the people there. Some would celebrate it in the set of a show where they would usually make an appearance on. Others would keep it secret and spend it only with a few chosen people.

Sarah Geronimo is one of the most popular celebrities in the country. She entered the show business and entertainment industry after winning in the talent search competition titled "Star for a Night" back when she was still 14 years old. She then became a top-caliber singer and recording artist that is well-known and respected by many. Aside from his talent in singing, she is also a skillful actress who has top-billed many blockbuster movies that became some of the top-grossing films in the country. She has also had a stint in hosting and being a judge for a talent search competition that is mostly focused on singing.

Recently a photo of Sarah Geronimo is making rounds all over the internet. The photo became a trending topic as people saw that she has a resemblance to a famous dance instructor.

Last July 25, Sarah celebrated her 30th birthday. As such, she was greeted by many people including her family, friends, and fans. They had various posts all over social media to greet Sarah a happy birthday.

One of the people who greeted her was teacher Georcelle from the G-Force dance company. Teacher Georcelle's birthday greeting post on her personal Instagram account shocked a lot of people after they had a hard time identifying who was who.

In the photo, it seemed like Sarah and Georcelle were twins as they had a lot of resemblances. Some of Sarah's friends even thought that Sarah G was teacher Georcelle because of the similarities of their looks in that particular post.

The post caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and opinions towards the post of teacher Georcelle.

A lot of people were shocked when they can't find out who Sarah was and who teacher Georcelle was in the video. They were so confused because of the resemblance in the look of the two.

The IG post featured in a video that was uploaded in the popular video streaming site YouTube by the channel Sikat Trendz made a huge buzz all over the internet as it revealed how Sarah celebrated her birthday.

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