Erik Santos and Sarah Geronimo’s photo surprises many people on social media

Erik Santos and Sarah Geronimo’s photo surprises many people on social media.

Every one of us undergoes a lot of changes as we grow older in this world. All of us had a lot of differences in our body since we are a kid. After the day that we are born, there are a lot of changes in our physique and as a person. We have tiny fingers, small face, little body, and we still have a developing physical. Our arms will soon grow longer like our legs. Our hair will start to grow and become thicker. Well develop stronger bones, and we’ll learn how to walk as we turn one.

After the age of being a child, the significant changes that we can have is when we hit puberty. Just like how a lot of people pertain about most of us who step up from teenage years to adolescence. A stage where we look so young and innocents are when we are in our teenage years. We still do not know how to take care of ourselves or know how to put the powder in our face. We do not have a lot of ideas on how we can look so presentable to other people as we don't give much care about anything in the past.

Looking at the pictures that we have in the past, we will realize that there are a lot of things that changed in us and life. We would learn and see how we look so young and so innocent about the stuff in this world.

Many of us had laughed over our photos when we were younger because we saw how much we changed and we can see that we had improved a lot and be thankful that puberty hit up our looks to become better through the years with the help of our knowledge in personality development.

With the use of social media, we can now share to the world the photos of us when we were younger and where we did not give much importance to ourselves as we think that it does not matter. Many people can see how you changed.

There are a lot of hashtags that people currently know of with how we grew up in the past to the present time, like Puberty hits and glow up challenges that many people had been posting on their respective accounts. While some of us share a photo to look back and to greet our friends who are celebrating birthdays.

Just like how the phenomenal star, Eric Santos gave us all a look of how he is in the past together with one of the most precious people he has in the showbiz industry, Sarah Geronimo together with a lot of other artists who were on their batch.

According to the post by Eric Santos on his Instagram account, he made a birthday greeting for Sarah Geronimo accompanied with some pictures that were from the past. The photos were taken fifteen years ago where we can see how young the two of them were.

You can notice how adorable the two of them are and how close they are that even after fifteen years, they are still together and they are working together as their friendship got stronger through all those years.

Many people noticed the photo, and they had been talking about the snap, and they are sharing their thoughts and sentiments on Instagram.

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