Vic Sotto explains the good thing about separating Maine from Alden

Vic Sotto explains the good thing about separating Maine from Alden.

Celebrities are some of the most well-off people. Their job as celebrity pays well which allows them and their families to live a comfortable life. They also get some amazing rewards and privileges from their job and from other external sources. Some of these are from companies that they endorse and promote. Apart from these, they have a compensation plan that is greatly favorable for them. Needless to say, they deserve to receive all of these great things because of the effort that they exert in the show business and entertainment industry. They work very hard in order to keep themselves popular so that the industry may fully utilize them.

In order to enjoy all the perks of their career, celebrities must be able to maintain their fame so that their work in the show business and entertainment industry would last. To do this, they must know how to go along with the flow of the trend of the generation. Trends change as time passes by and so they must also be able to keep up with it. They should also continue to develop themselves into their best versions so that the people, most especially their fans, may continue to admire them and support their every endeavor especially when it comes to their career.

Artists and celebrities should continuously seek growth. They must take advantage of already being in show business in order to get the many opportunities to educate themselves and to learn new things that they can apply in their own style. This would allow them to offer something new to their fans and supporters every time they appear on the various forms of media. Developing themselves would also prove to be very beneficial for their career as it makes them into a more flexible and capable artist who can practically accept any kind of performance offer.

Maine Mendoza is one of the most iconic celebrities of the generation. She first made waves on social media for her famous "dubsmash" videos back when it was still a viral trend. Through it, she was scouted by the longest-running noontime television variety show in the country "Eat Bulaga!" who gave her a break as they took her in the show. From then on, she continued to rise in popularity most especially when she was paired with Alden Richards to form the AlDub love team.

Recently, there has been news about Maine Mendoza starring in a new movie that has been circulating around the internet. The news became a trending topic as Vic Sotto himself explained why the young actress had to be paired with a different partner for the movie project.

It has been confirmed that Vic Sotto and Coco Martin will be teaming up this year for an MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) entry titled "Jack Em Popoy: The PulisCredibles" which would also star the young actress Maine Mendoza. Last July 28, the story conference of the movie took place in Novotel Cubao where the press also got an opportunity to interview the case. Vic Sotto was among those who entertained the press people.

Through the interview, Vic Sotto voiced out his thoughts about this career move by Maine Mendoza. He thinks that it is fine for her to be separated from Alden and the two should just freely do individual projects even if they are a sensational love team. The veteran actor told that it would be good for them as artists to grow individually so that their career may flourish.

The news caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People reacted and gave their opinions about Vic's statements.

A lot of people agreed with the veteran actor. They also thought that Maine and Alden should not limit themselves to each other so that both of them can also develop themselves and their passion for their craft.

The details of the interview which was featured in a video that was uploaded in the popular video streaming site YouTube by the channel Chika Blockbuster made a buzz online as it attracted so much attention from people, especially the fans of Maine. They are looking forward to watching the movie to see how Maine would fair with the other celebrities that she had to work with for the project.

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