Kris Aquino’s Instagram post surprises many people on social mediang Kanyang Rumoured Girlfriend Sa Publiko, Grabe Ang Ganda Niya Mukhang Donya

Kris Aquino’s Instagram post surprises many people on social media.

A mom’s care is the best thing that we can experience in life. Our mothers are the first person who takes care of us whenever or whatever happen. They are the first one who made us feel that we are exceptional for them. Our mom will come running towards us when we are not that well and will do their best to take care of you and tend to your needs. They will do all the things that they can to make you feel better within seconds to make sure that you are going to be better the following day.

Mother’s will always be mothers. People even say the mother knows best. They will know the things that can help you be better in the future. Our moms know how we feel and will let us know that we can come running in their arms whenever we think that life is being unfair to us. They are also very protective of us as they do not want us to be in a situation that will bring us down. They would do their best to help us in times of need to make our lives better and well whatever we do in different situations.

As our moms are so protective of us, they also want the best for us. There are a lot of times when they will set away from their joy for us to enjoy the things. They will sacrifice a lot for our well-being not minding their own.

But then they are a person they might be superheroes in our eyes, but they also need rest. They also need our support and love everytime they do not feel that good. They also want us or other people to be their side in hard times in their life and ours.

There are times when we do not feel well and good that we need a lot of supervision to take care of us. Our parents need support from other people who will be in their side and help them to take care of them.

Some of the friends of mom also like to show their support towards them and to make them feel that things would be alright in the future. Just like how a lot of people show their support for the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino.

Recently, the Joshua Aquino, the eldest son of the actress admitted because he was having an episode of his condition. Many people were in shock, and many people immediately rushed to where they were at that time, in Hongkong. Many people wished for him to be better for the following days.

According to an Instagram account of the actress, Josh was surprised by another friend of her mom in their humble abode. A lot of people were in awe when they got to see that the actor, endorser, and tv host, Willie Revillame paid a visit.

In a video that the actress posted you can see Josh is approaching to what it looks like a kitchen where Willie was sitting and when he saw Josh he immediately walked towards him. Willie even gave Josh his signature jacket which means a lot for the latter. He was so happy seeing the tv host in their host paying a visit.

A lot of people are sharing their thoughts and sentiments about the video that the actress has on her account on Instagram.

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