Willie Revillame lets Josh ride his red Ferrari car

Willie Revillame lets Josh ride his red Ferrari car.

In the world today, a lot of people are fascinated with the idea of love and romance. The people have been constantly fed with this idea by almost everything. People took advantage of this fondness by the people in order to get the attention of their attention and divert it to something. All over mainstream and social media, the message of love and romance kept on echoing and people have been so engrossed in it. Many people pay so much attention when the topic is about love. They have developed a great interest in this because of the constant affirmations to them by the world.

However, when we talk about love, it's not all romance and sweetness. Love is more than just being intimately involved with a partner with whom you can share your whole life with and can be completely vulnerable and comfortable to be yourself with. Love is about building a good relationship with others regardless of the role that they play in your life. Love has many definitions and one of them is seeking the good of the beloved. This definition speaks volumes as it tells everyone that to love is to unselfishly desire goodness for another person.

Love is one of the greatest virtues. It doesn't only apply to a romantic partner but to all the people around you. The world today is filled with news about things that aren't good. Many people across the globe are experiencing the lack of love. To address this, people have been trying to change the world by doing acts of kindness to relay the message of love to everyone else. Some of them even try to influence others by encouraging them to do the same regardless of their means and capabilities. Advocates believe that they can change the world by slowly affecting the world with kindness little by little.

Willie Revillame is one of the most popular people in the country. Not only has he had a great run in his showbiz career but he is also quite famous on social media as people usually reference him and his shows in some funny "memes" that have become quite viral. Apart from this, he is also a well-known philanthropist who has been helping a lot of people through his shows and through his own personal efforts.

Recently, news about Willie doing something good towards Kris Aquino's son Josh has been circulating all over the internet. The news became a trending topic as people saw how kind the male celebrity was.

Lately, there has been news all over social media about Kris Aquino's son Josh being hospitalized because of a particular sickness. Because of the situation, many of his mother's friends in showbiz have expressed their concern and support for the whole family.

One of them is Willie Revillame who is a long-time colleague of Kris. According to the news, Josh is quite a fan of Willie and his songs. Unlike other young people of his age, his playlist includes songs that are some of his grandmother's favorites and some of WIllie's iconic songs.

Willie paid Josh a visit to their home and even gave him some memorabilia such as a jacket and CDs of his record albums. However, what really surprised Josh was when Willie invited him to go for a ride on his red Ferrari 453 Spider. According to Willie's driver, he is really a fan of luxury cars and he wouldn't let anyone drive or even just ride his cars except for himself and the driver. This is why it was quite a surprise for him to just let Josh ride his Ferrari. Willie's gesture touched Josh's mother who even posted how happy she is for making her son feel happy and loved.

The news caught a lot of reactions and opinions from social media users. A lot of people were touched by Willie's kindness. They think that what he did really made Josh and his family very happy.

The video about the news that was uploaded by the channel Chika Blockbuster on the popular video streaming site YouTube warmed the hearts of many people and made them believe that love still exists in this world.

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