Bela Padilla attends the premiere night of Zanjoe Marudo's new movie

Bela Padilla attends the premiere night of Zanjoe Marudo's new movie.

Everyone has their own life's circumstances and they have their own particular goals and achievements that they are trying to reach. Almost everyone in the world aspires to become a successful person and to be able to find fulfillment in the purpose that they have found for themselves. They strive to reach the top in their respective field as doing so would give them the enjoyable life that almost everyone craves for. They bare their full potential on the line so that they may be able to get ahead of everyone else and not get caught up any longer in the challenging competition on the way to the top.

Celebrities may already be famous personalities, but in the show business and entertainment industry, the competition is on a completely different level. Famous as they are, celebrities are well-known by the public. However internally in showbiz, these celebrities also have their own set of achievements that define the quality of their career. There is an untold competition between artists who base their caliber according to their experience and achievements in the industry. They work hard to keep their popularity and one of the things that they do is remain active in the industry by scoring projects. A celebrity who still has projects in showbiz can be called as successful nowadays.

There will be amazing moments in a celebrity's life. Whenever they hit a career goal or objective, it can be considered as a reason for celebration. Whenever they reach the milestones in their career, it can be considered as their success. During these moments, they would also love to spend their time with the people they love. They invite their families and their close friends to celebrate with them. They would like to share their moments of success with the people who have constantly been behind them in every step of their way.

Zanjoe Marudo is one of the most successful actors in the industry. He is not only known for his outstanding talent in acting but also because of his good looks and enviable body figure. He is still enjoying his popularity as a celebrity up to the present moment and he still has a lot of projects lined up for him. Just some days ago, his movie titled "Kusina Kings" premiered and some important people in his life attended the screening.

In the premiere night of the movie, some of their close friends and family were in attendance. Zanjoe was interviewed by the press about the people who watched the premiere screening to support him. His answer became a trending topic as people watched his reaction to a particular woman that was mentioned.

The press of Cinema 1 channel asked Zanjoe if Bela Padilla attended the event to support him. His reaction is that he doubts that Bela attended.

It can be remembered that Zanjoe and Bela were rumored to be in a relationship some months ago. There were no confirmations about the rumor until news just suddenly broke out that they have already unfollowed each other on social media.

The interview session caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People reacted and gave their opinions about how Zanjoe reacted to the questions that were asked of him.

A lot of people were quite surprised by how he answered the questions. Many people became more curious as to the status of the relationship between Zanjoe and Bela.

The interview video that was uploaded by the account StarPhotog Vidz in the popular video streaming platform YouTube made a lot of people curious about the present situation of Zanjoe and Bela.

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