Kristine Hermosa posts a heart-warming birthday greeting for her son Kiel

Kristine Hermosa posts a heart-warming birthday greeting for her son Kiel.

People who want to have a romantic relationship should be aware that the purpose of getting in a relationship should be to eventually get married someday. Those who want to go into a relationship should keep in mind that relationships are not only for fun and experience but it is a life-long commitment of one's self to a partner. A married couple is tasked to start living their new life apart from their respective families and they have this task of building a family of their own. They do this by fulfilling their duty of pro-creating and giving birth to new life.

Having some offspring allows a couple to fulfill their role of being parents. As parents, they are tasked to be stewards of the children that will be given to them as their sons and daughters. They have to take care of these beings so that they may grow into fine individuals. They will have to do everything that they can, even exhausting their whole selves and all their resources just to give their family, especially their children, a life that is worth living. Parents have to look after the welfare of their children and prepare them for the future.

The offspring that were given to a married couple is considered to be the most precious gifts to a parent especially a mother. It is the mother who carries these children the moment that they are conceived for nine months in their womb. Having to carry another being in one's own body somehow builds an inseparable bond between the mother and the child. This is why a mother has so much love and care for her offspring. The connection between them is on a higher level than any other person can ever have because of the ties that they have with each other from the very beginning.

Recently, a birthday greeting post by Kristine Hermosa circulated all over the internet. The post became a trending topic as people witnessed her love for her son.

Kristine Hermosa is one of the most popular female celebrities in the country. She has had a stellar career in show business that spanned for several years in the past. She appeared in various TV programs and movies and she has even portrayed several iconic roles that the people can still remember so well. She then left the industry after getting married to Oyo Boy Sotto to focus on their family and their endeavors.

One of Kristine and Oyo's children is Kiel. Little to the knowledge of many people, he is actually an adopted child. He recently turned 9 years old and their whole family celebrated it just the way a normal family would.

Being a grateful mother, Kristine greeted her son through a post on her personal social networking account. In the post, she expressed how thankful she is for having Kiel in their family. They are very happy that the young boy joined their family as his presence brought so much joy and learning to them especially to Kristine who stood as his mother after the adoption.

The post gained a lot of feedback from social media users. People reacted and gave their opinions about Kristine's birthday greeting post.

A lot of people were touched by Kristine's post. They felt the sincerity in Kristine as she shared how grateful she is for having Kiel in her life and in their family.

The photo that was uploaded by Kristine Hermosa - Sotto herself on her personal Instagram account attracted the attention of many people especially those who avidly follow the celebrity couple and their family's endeavors. Many people were touched over the heartwarming message that Kristine had to say to her son.

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