Alden Richards reacts to a fan-made poster of "FPJs Ang Probinsyano" that was uploaded online

Alden Richards reacts to a fan-made poster of "FPJs Ang Probinsyano" that was uploaded online.

The show business and entertainment industry are among the biggest industries in the world today. It is an industry that addresses the need for people to be amused and entertained. This has become a necessity to most people especially those who go through a lot of stress as they tread with their daily lives and those who work very hard to earn a living. The world has become quite stressful and toxic nowadays and people are looking for ways to take a break from their usual daily habits and to just have some fun.

In show business, there are a lot of industry players that keep it alive. These industry players provide the industry with a healthy and competitive environment that allows the people to exercise their right to choose among the many options that are available. These come in the form of TV and radio network stations who also have their own line-up of stars that work exclusively for them. In the present generation, these companies compete with each other to win over the loyalty of the viewers. They try their best to gain a bigger momentum in the industry against their rivals and competitors.

In the show business industry, the network stations compete by winning over viewers from the public people. They do this by providing them with entertaining shows which can pique their interest and hook them into a train ride through their whole channel. These shows should be entertaining enough to make the people so immersed in their show that they will be able to win their loyalty as a viewer and fan. These people would then avidly support the station and all of its programs and endeavors. This would give them a good reputation as they gain a good audience appeal.

The ABS-CBN (Alto Broadcasting System and Chronicle Broadcasting Network) station and the GMA (Global Media Arts) network are two of the biggest media network stations in the country. They have been considered rivals in the industry for a long time as they are the only two stations who have been trying to beat each other for the top rank. They have been competitively matching up their shows with each other to know which is really the better station when it comes to viewer ratings.

Recently, a fan-made poster of a show in the ABS-CBN TV network station surfaced on the internet. The poster became a viral topic as the lead actor of its rival show in the other network reacted to it.

At present time, the evening primetime shows "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano" by the Kapamilya network, and "Victor Magtanggol" by the Kapuso network is set on the same time slot. This situation makes the two shows as rivals of each other. Just some days ago, an edited poster of Coco Martin's show circulated all over the internet and made a lot of people laugh as it threw a shade at the very long story of the series.

The poster alone has already earned a lot of reactions and comments from the public. But what is most striking about the poster is that it also earned a comment from the lead star of its rival show. Alden Richards seem to find the poster funny as well as he laughed at it just like many other people did.

The poster gained a lot of feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about the poster and Alden's reaction to it.

A lot of people had the same reaction as Alden when they saw the poster. Other people focused on the fact that Alden was sport enough to give some attention to a rival show. They think that this gesture was a sign that the competition in the industry is healthy.

The poster that was uploaded online was featured in a post by the website Fashion Pulis made a buzz online as people watched the interaction between rival artists and shows in the show business industry.

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