A video of Melai Cantiveros with her daughter amuses netizens.

A video of Melai Cantiveros with her daughter amuses netizens.

Every person can pursue a particular vocation in their life. One of the most chosen paths by the people is that of married life. Having a very deep connection with a special someone is something that really feels good. It is truly a great experience to have someone to whom you can comfortably be who you are with. Somebody with whom you can be completely vulnerable to and wouldn't take you for granted. This is why many people look forward to being in a romantic relationship. Romantic relationships would be more fruitful if people would really enter it at the right purpose which is to eventually have a married life.

A married couple has a responsibility to procreate. The moment they choose to get married, they have this conscious decision to spend their whole lives with their partner who would help them in building their new family. A couple looks forward to becoming parents as it is one of the most amazing tasks that they can ever have. For the wife, motherhood is one of the best roles that they can ever play in their lifetime. To become a mother who would nurture and take care of the whole family is probably one of the most rewarding moments for them.

Although many wives are excited to become mothers, it is not actually an easy feat to become one. Firstly, they will have to bear a child in their womb for 9 months. They have to be very delicate and careful about the fragile life form within them because that child is going to be a part of their family. These children will be one of the most precious gifts in their life and they will also be the greatest assets to their crew. This is why mothers would exhaust themselves to really show their love and care for these young ones.

Recently, a video of Melai Cantiveros together with her daughter is making rounds all over the internet. The video became a trending topic as people were amused by the antics of the child.

Melai Cantiveros is one of the most popular celebrities in the country. She is well-known for being effortlessly funny that has amused and entertained many people. She is one of the trio-host of the hit morning TV show of the ABS-CBN TV network station titled "Magandang Buhay" together with Jolina Magdangal and Karla Estrada. She got married to Jason Francisco years ago but their relationship took a bad turn that ended up with them separating. However, the relationship brought forth to this world their daughter Amelia Lucille Francisco.

In the video that Melai uploaded online, it was seen that she was bonding with her daughter Amelia. They were filing themselves while they were conversing with each other. Melai was asking various questions to her daughter and one of them was the question of how much she loved her mother. Her daughter's answer surprised a lot of people including Melai herself.

Amelia told her mother that she doesn't want to inherit her face. She even continued to say that she has her father's looks. Melai continued to tease her by saying that she would eventually look like her when she grows up.

The video attracted a lot of feedback from social media users. People expressed their reactions and opinions about the cute video of the mother and daughter tandem.

A lot of people were amused by the video of Melai and Amelia. They found Amelia's honesty to be very funny as she admits which face among her parents does she want. They think that Amelia can become a social media personality soon and can become popular.

The video that was uploaded by the Facebook page Biz Talk that featured the footage by Melai was able to gain the attention of many people. Many viewers found the antics of Melai and Amelia to be very amusing.

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