Anak Ni Ogie Alcasid, Gumawa Ng Eksena Matapos Niyang Gawin Ang Bagay Na Ito Kay Michelle Van Eimeren, Grabe Ang Tindi Talaga

Ogie Alcasid's son's video surprises many people on social media.

Every one of us gets too excited when we get to know that the people we love and who are dear to us are coming to visit us. There would be a lot of excitement and happy feels when we get to realize that the people we love are about to be with us. There would be a lot of things in our mind that would come running through our minds when we get to know that they will be with us again after a long while of being apart from each other. It would be evident in our actions how we feel.

There are a lot of ways for us to know that people are excited to see us, there are some who are open when they are thrilled. They have a look on their face that sells them on how they feel. They are all smiles, and you can see it in their eyes. It is the eye that sells a person on how we feel towards a person because it is our eye that windows our soul. You may be subsiding all you the feelings you have, but when a person looks you in the eye, directly in your eye, they can perceive how you feel.

One of the most evident individuals about how they feel is little kids. They do not know how they will not let other people know about their feelings because they still don't have a concept of concealing their feelings. They do not have an idea of how they will hide all the emotions that they have in their heart.

That is why it is evident on their face and in their voice how they feel. You can immediately know if a kid is happy because they are jumping up and down and they are all smiles as if there is no tomorrow. You can also see in their face how they are so sad, or excited about things.

Just like how the son of the phenomenal stars, Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasco is so transparent in how he feels when his sisters and the ex-wife of his dad is going to be with them here in the Philippines. We all know how kids think about being with their siblings as if it is one of the greatest and valuable things that could happen to them.

Nate Alcasid is the son of the phenomenal singers and actors, Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasco. A lot of people were in awe when they got to watch his latest video that his dad uploaded on his IG account. You can see how he feels towards the ex-wife of his dad, Michelle Van Eimeren.

Michelle Van Eimeren is the ex-wife of Ogie Alcasid. The two of them had two daughters, Leila and Sarah Alcasid. You may be wondering how Nate had been too excited upon seeing her Tita Michelle and how they had been close to each other. Recently, there had been a video of Nate that had made a lot of people fell giddy to watch.

Based on a video that Ogie Alcasid uploaded on his IG account, Nate is too excited to give a warm welcome to her Tita Michelle and his siblings, Leila and Sarah who visited their home. He was jumping up and down, and he's going back and forth as he waits for the elevator to pop open.

It seems like he was waiting for her Tita and sisters to come that he even brought his dog in front of the elevator as he remains standing in front of it. When the elevator pops open he immediately runs to her Tita and siblings with his pet, and you can see how he is so happy to be with them again.

A lot of people were so happy to see that Nate is so close with her sisters and his Tita and it seems like they adore how the Michelle and Regine and the kids are close to each other. A lot of people had been talking about the video, and it seems like they cannot stop themselves from sharing their thoughts and sentiments about the video on YouTube.

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